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Claremont school paper?


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And Eyeglass Adjusting :D


The one idea I'd considered was that there was a defunct school paper called something like the Claremont Courier that Casey might ask for permission to revive as a sort of intranet blog. Her maternal grandfather is a retired newspaper man who used to work for the Miami Herald who was a big influence on her growing up; she knows that the age of the print newspaper is rapidly drawing to a close, but the romantic notion of working for a paper still appeals to her, so she would rather work on it with others than as a solo project, though she would go it alone if no other students are interested.


Part of the reason I'd like to do something like this is because Casey is almost completely disconnected from Claremont; I think she's the only PC left in the junior class, and she has almost no contact with the large sophomore class, which I'd really like to change.

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