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Brightly Polished 24 Carat Wits OOC


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This is the OOC. Feel free to ask me quite literally anything about the thread, especially if it doesn't make sense. I've likely missed something.


For the record, the store isn't that big inside. It's a storefront kind of place, just your average sized jewelry shop. There are five Customers, and three Store Staff (including the injured man). Four of the Customers and all of the Store Staff are Bystanders and thus PL0 as far as combat goes. However, there currently is nothing to separate the Customer that isn't from the ones that are Bystanders. The injured man is behind the counter, but the rest are pressing against the far wall and each other. The Lions...well...for now that'd be telling. However the ones carrying the jewelry are Minions. The one menacing the Bystanders is not. He's not about to attack them, just keeping them at bay and from getting any Heroic ideas. One last thing. This scene is meant to be Miracle Girl's show. Terrifica isn't supposed to appear until the end of it, but if it looks like she's having trouble the supergenius will appear early. All that AND an extra Hero Point to start, because this is complicated mess of a situation.

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Rolled Init first.




That's a 19 for the female Lions, all ten of them because Minions.




And that's an 18 for the male Lion.


Sense Motive checks:





Well. The female Lions blow their save with a 14, but the male would be just Shaken with a 19. However, that is before modifiers. Intimidating a group is -2, and there's another -2 penalty because they are a size rank larger than Casey. So instead the female Lions are Shaken and the male makes his save.



Let's outline the Initiative order, shall we?


Female Lions 1 to 10-19

Male Lion-18

Miracle Girl-17

El Huracan-11


Casey has Female Lions 1, 2, and 3 in front of her. They take no actions due to her successfully intimidating entrance. Anibal's entrance has drawn the attention of Female Lions 4 and 5, who take no actions except dropping the jewels they were carrying in their mouths due to being intimidated. Two of them don't do anything. The remaining three take a move action out of the door Anibal so generously opened to around front. They are not flanking Casey, but delivering jewelry to that truck I mentioned in the OP. The Male Lion isn't intimidated in the least, but he's got his own task that he's seeing to. So, nothing from him yet. Miracle Girl is up in here, but let me post first before you go IC.


Edit: I should mention, now that we're doing roll-related things, that there's an Illusion effect covering the shop. You're PCs, so I decided it didn't entirely affect you. Otherwise there wouldn't be a plot! :D 

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Okay, this worked once before, so let's try it again; spending one of her two HP to give Casey Takedown Attack for one round, then taking 10 on their Minion behinds!


So that's a 20 on the roll, DC 25 Toughness effect ; buh-buh-buh-BAM!

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I don't agree with that statement. Suffocate's a perfectly fine power for an aerokinetic. However, like all Attack powers, unless you have an Area Extra you can only affect one target at a time. Range (perception) just means you don't have to roll to hit with the attack. So. 4 or 5?

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That is a 16 on the Fort save to avoid suffocation.


Now, let's see how 1, 2, and 3 do on their attack rolls vs. Casey.






1 missed. 2 and 3 hit. The DC is 20, and they've got Penetrating on their Strength Bonus. Now for 4 and 5.





4 misses. 5 hits. The DC is the same. I somehow confused 8 for 10 in my head, so there was two lions initially unaccounted for. I'll have them follow the other three this round out the back door and around front, picking up the jewelry 4 & 5 dropped on the way. They'll be 6 & 7, with 8, 9, and 10 still out front by the truck.



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