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That time Claremont cleaned up the woods...

The Sailor

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Hello Claremontians!

Been grinding this thought over a little bit for a thread idea, namely a community project where the students (all years invited) head to a spot in the wild near one of the rivers for some clean-up work over a few days off. There is a spot where some irresponsible folk had left loads of trash and what-not and the idea was floated by Endeavor to clean up the area, and it might be a good project to get the students together.

The rules for the trip are simple too... no powers unless it's an emergency, take only what would be needed for a camping trip, and outside of cleaning try to have fun. After all it's supposed to be a nice 5 day weekend off!

And as always this situation doesn't appear as it seems... something is afoot in the woods of "Shady Creek"!

I'm aiming to start on the 14th (thread time and real time), looking for 4 or 5 at most in terms of Claremonters. Also the weather will be quite warm, although the water will be a little chilly, but considering the group it might not be an issue.

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Heri: It's to test the student's ability to survive on their own, although with Endeavor as a brainy type she's under several other rules (Do not interfere with the other students, do not assist unless there is a dire emergency, rely on your skill first before anything else).

Also I'm looking over the map and there's potentially other locations than Wharton. For instance the big lake in the south. It looks like at least on the map there's the potential for some wooded area nearby where irresponsible people or homeless folk might have left an excess of trash over the summer. that and as it'd be closer to Claremont, if there was a dire emergency the students can be quickly brought back.

Although the tweeest of the story might make things a bit more... fun. :iiam:

Oh, and since Claremont being a super academy is a "Open Secret" where the heroic community knows, but the general public is clueless, might need to keep on the down-low with the superswag, as the press might cover the first day as a sort of PR thing. So lots of blue overalls and red reflective work vests on the first day.

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