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Gryphon (PL10) - GooseInduced

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Player Name: GooseInduced
Character Name: G.R.F.A.N. or Gryphon
Power Level: 10 [150/150 pp]
Trade-Offs: None
Unspent Power Points: 0
Progress To Bronze Status:

In Brief: Teenager with out of control powers builds a device to contain them… Then a suit of powered high tech armor.

Alternate Identity: Flynn Michael Ramsey
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Freedom City     
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: (People and/or groups you work with)
Family: Mother: Jackie Mills (Living) , Father: Michael Ramsey (Deceased), Uncle: Tye Mills (Living), Uncle: Aaron Ramsey (Living)

Description: Tall and lean, Flynn looks like any average teenager. His skin isn’t as dark as his mothers, but gives his heritage away in its deep tan. His hair is brown and while not unmanageable, the curls are a bit of a hassle and Flynn keeps it tamed in a mane of thin, chin length dreadlocks. Because his skin and hair are such a similar shade, his blue eyes stand out and look almost piercing. He looks much like his mother with her rounded nose and the set of her brow, but he has thin lips like his father and his tall physique. He’s already about six feet tall and not done growing.

The armored stealth suit G.R.F.A.N is Flynn’s baby. He constructed most of the suit out of scavenged materials, using his uncle’s car garage and junk yard to make many of the pieces. Despite that the suit looks as polished as any high tech device. Sleek and armored with steel, the suit provides protection against most attacks any crook in Freedom City might dish out. Many of the surfaces have been intentionally scuffed instead of shined to keep with the low profile appearance. Because of its conductive properties Flynn also used a lot of copper in the suit and channels of it are visible in the armor. The helmet is streamlined and aerodynamic; the eyes the glow a bright icy blue, mimicking the stare of a predator. The back of it is tiered, mimicking the look of ruffled feathers. The same design is carried down over his spine, a reinforcement of the suit to protect his spine. It is in this reinforced backing that he stores his staff, able to draw it at a moment’s notice to defend himself and fight.

Age: 16. August 13th, 1999
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian/African American
Height: 5”11
Weight: 125
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown

Power Descriptions: G.R.F.A.N. is the acronym for General Radiation Field Absorption Net. It is the working name for the device Flynn designed to keep his powers in check and later grandfathered to represent his cybernetic suit and become his alias as Gryphon. The suit itself is a marvel considering it is made of exclusively scavenged materials. Beyond the suit, Flynn’s powers are very limited. His natural mutation manifests in mental quickness and intelligence. The accident jumpstarted his mutation, turning his nervous system into a hyper efficient conductor of energy. He’s able to passively absorb and store background energy. Though his internal battery has its limit. If he’s ever unable to drain that battery the energy may escape in unintended channels, bursts of emp or static shocks.

History: Flynn never knew his dad. He died when his mother was still pregnant. He really knows only two things about him: He was in a gang. He was white. There are a few old pictures of his parents. Their brothers were friends, hung out with the same crowds. Unfortunately they both hung out with the wrong crowds. His mom never approved, but she could never stop him either.

The story goes that the three of them had gone out. It was just a ‘routine’ job, nothing major, nothing dangerous. They hadn’t counted on the cops that night, or the stray bullet that would leave his mom on her own. The bullet that ensured her dropping out of school to get any job she could to pay the bills, to take care of her baby.

Things never got easy. His mom has always worked two or three jobs to make ends meet. Even then ends never really met. His uncles offered, many times to help either with money or ‘job’ opportunities, but his mom always said no. She wanted no part of that life for her or for Flynn. Especially not after it had taken his father.

It was exactly their lifestyle that kept his intelligence in the shadows. No one took the time to see exactly past the label of ‘ADD’. He squeaked by his schooling. He did only what he had to. He had other things to worry about besides school. Like seeing a ‘past due’ power bill sitting on the coffee table or trying to take a shower only to find out there wasn’t any water.

It was only as he got older that Flynn’s intelligence really started to bloom. His grades got better, but not because he was trying. He started to realize exactly how much he could remember. The math equations that most kids struggled to learn he had the moment he set eyes on them. Like energy production.

It gave him an idea, small at first. Only it grew, the idea of creating an efficient energy source. Nothing huge just… just enough to power a house. He couldn’t let it go. The idea rolled around and around in his head until finally the slacker took action. He put down his skateboard and took his notebook to his uncle’s scrap yard (chop shop). He worked for almost a week straight. He had no idea what he was onto, how close he came to something brilliant.

Only the experiment backfired. Nearly blew up his other uncle’s garage and set off a black out that plunged half of Freedom City into darkness. He woke up with a concussion, a few bruises and one wicked headache but nothing a few days of rest wouldn’t cure. Or so he thought. It started small at first. The headache didn’t go away, in fact it got worse. He had trouble sleeping, then eventually stopped sleeping all together. It was like he couldn’t turn off, like his mind was connected to some energy source that wouldn’t let him sleep.

It was only when he blew the transformer by his house (Flynn sneezed while touching a lamp) that he realized how accurate that was. Realizing that his experiment was a success, just not in the way he envision, Flynn set out to contain the energy, and eventually to harness it.

Needless to say his creation never made it to the science fair. He found another application for it. First he managed to harness the energy, creating a energy/radiation net that would draw the energy from him: G.R.F.A.N. General Radiation Field Absorption Net. A device that in its most crude form was a series of wire electrodes on a vest under his clothing. It absorbs the energy and transfers it to battery packs for later use. At first he put them to use in their house, hooking multiple packs together and hooking them into the home’s power grid.

After that, he let his ambition get the best of him. What if power was the least of their worries? What if they could get whatever they wanted? They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and Flynn was bound and determined to take that route. He’d seen power suits made by other heroes: Bright, flashy things that granted flight and super strength. Flynn didn’t want that. He didn’t want to be seen. He wanted something sleek, something fast, something that could get him anywhere.

It was probably best that Claremont had their eyes on him since causing the black out. That their people knew what he was up to. That they knew he’d been successful. Flynn was damn lucky they were waiting for him at that bank. He wasn’t trying to rob it necessarily. He just wanted to test out his baby: The Gryphon Stealth Combat Suit. It had worked well enough. He’d gotten all the way to the vault before they could stop him. But all it took was locking him in with the money.

He had two options: Jail or Claremont.

At least at Claremont they would help supply him with materials.

Personality & Motivation: Flynn’s greatest motivation is his mother. He might be a lazy slacker and have ‘better things’ to do than school but if nothing else he loves his mom. The experiment that jump started his mutation was done in the hopes of her not having to work so hard.

Over all Flynn is a pretty laid back guy. He’s not quick to rile up or get angry. He loves video games but has never really been able to afford them. His hobbies are his skateboard and the small bit of parkour that one of his friends got him in to. Though lately a large portion of his down time is spent working on the Gryphon suit. He still doesn’t consider himself smart, never has. Though while many would classify him as quick, he isn’t the wisest of the bunch.

Powers & Tactics: The Gryphon suit has been designed with a wide array of abilities. A built in HUD keeps him alert and allows him to zoom in on an object up to 10 times. Various visual filters and programs allow him to see in total darkness and the infrared spectrum. He is even capable of tracking individuals by their heat trail. It can even pick up on sounds outside the normal human range of hearing. Combat algorithms and aiming protocols help with accuracy and evading attacks. The suit grants him increased speed, dexterity and strength.

The suit has a compartment on the back to store a telescopic staff that Flynn can fight with in close quarters. At a distance, the suits programs work with wrist mounted launchers to shoot a charged “Shuriken” projectile. The suit also features arm mounted grappling hooks that allow him to reach roof tops and other areas with ease. He is also capable of using it to slow his fall and swing to out of reach areas.

Though the most impressive feature of the suit falls under its stealth capabilities. Designed to be quiet and the efficient, the suit is able to harness the energy and radiation that Flynn absorbs in a unique way. It is able to distort light waves outward, bending them around the suit and rendering it invisible to the naked eye.

It was that property that caused him to build the suit with one idea in mind: Ninja.


Splitting Headache: Flynn needs to discharge his internal “Battery” on a regular basis. Instead of trying to find a ‘normal’ way of channeling his ability, he opted for a more… inventive method. His current set up gives him two days on a battery pack before it becomes full and he has to switch out (With 24/7 wear) Hooking up to and using the suit does help maintain his stores and keep them in check, but just putting the suit on isn’t enough. If he is ever caught unable to change his batteries (Either because of not having any empty ones or not having access to the necessary tools) the first stage is headaches and sleeplessness (two to three days)

ZAP: The second stage is static discharges that are uncontrolled and unpredictable. Potentially acting as EMP or interference with energy and electrical sources (Three to four days)

???:  (A week or more) After that the potential effects are unknown. Death? Coma? Potentially. He could also turn into pure energy or a walking H bomb… He just really hopes it doesn’t come to that.

That Money Thing….: To be blunt, he dosn’t have much, if any extra money. If things came down to it, he’s just out of luck. They are barely scraping by and at least at Claremont he’s less of a financial burden.

Gangsters of Freedom: One of his biggest fears in going into the crime fighting business is running into someone he knows. His uncles, cousins, even his next door neighbors are in with the various groups in freedom. After what happened to his dad, they leave Flynn and his mom out of it well enough. Still, he doesn’t know what he would do if he ever ran into one of them.

I Don’t Give A-: Flynn isn’t very good with authority. A product of his environment or just his personality? Who knows? He isn’t fond of being told what to and is known to put his foot right in his mouth when people get ‘bossy’.

Hot Blooded. Check it: He is normally pretty laid back, but get him mad and his fuse burns quick. It blinds him and is liable to cause him to make mistakes.


Abilities: 2 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 0 + 0 = 14PP

Strength: 12 (+1) Suit: 14( +2)
Dexterity: 14 (+2) Suit: 20( +5)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 14(+2) Enhanced: 18(+4)
Wisdom: 10 (+0)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP

Initiative: +2  Suit: +9
Attack: +4 Base
Grapple: +5 Suit: +6
Defense: +10 (+4 Base, Dodge Focus 6)
Knockback: -2 Suit: -5

Saving Throws: 6 + 6 + 5 = 17PP

Toughness: +4/+10 (+2 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +6 [Suit])
Fortitude: +8 (+2 Con, +6 base)
Reflex: +8/+10 (+2/+5 Dex, +5 base)
Will: +6 (+0 Wis, +6 base)

Skills: 48/48R = 12PP
Acrobatics 5 (+7) (Suit +14)SM
Computers 8 (+12)

Craft (Electronics): 9 (+13)
Escape Artist 0 (+2) (Suit +9)SM
Knowledge: Physical Science 8 (+12)
Knowledge: Technology 8 (+12)
Notice 5 (+5) (Suit +9)SM

Search 0 (+8) (Suit +12)
Stealth 5 (+7) (Suit +14)SM

Feats: 5PP

Defensive Roll

Eidetic Memory­­

Quick Change

Powers: 7 + 74 + 4 + 1 = 86


Device 2 – Bo Staff (9/10PP Container, High Tech Power Suit; Feats: Subtle (Collapsible, Stores in Armor); Flaws: Easy to lose) [7PP]


·         Strike 8 (Feats: Mighty) [9]

Device 18 - High Tech Power Armor (90/90PP Container, Restricted 2 (Flynn Only: Power Source); Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [74PP]


·         ‘Shuriken’: Blast 10 (Feats: Accurate 3) [23]

Communication 4 (Sense type: radio – 1 mile) [4]


·         Concealment 4 (Concealment from all Visual) [8]


·         Enhanced Dexterity 6 [6]


·         Enhanced Strength 2 [2]


·         Enhanced Feats (Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Specialization 3: Bo Staff, Challenge: Fast Acrobatic Bluff,  Dodge focus 6, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, Skill Mastery [Acrobatics, Escape Artist, Notice, Stealth], Uncanny Dodge (Ultrahearing) [17PP]


·         Enhanced Skills: (Acrobatics: 4, Escape Artist: 4, Notice: 4, Search: 4, Stealth: 4) [5pp]


·         Grappling Line: (Super Movement: Slow Fall, Swinging, Wall Crawling) [6]


·         Leaping 2 (Jumping distance: x5) [2]


·         Protection 6 [6]


·         Quickness 2 (x5 Flaws: Physical only) [1]


·         Speed 4 (100mph) [4]

·         Super-Senses ( Darkvision, Extended Vision (Normal) – 100 Ft. , Infravision, Tracking (Infravision), Ultra-Hearing) [6]


Enhanced Intelligence 4 (Mutation)[4PP]


Quickness 2 (x5 Flaws: Mental only; Mutation) [1PP]

DC Block
ATTACK      RANGE     Save               EFFECT
Unarmed     Touch     DC 17 Toughness    Damage (Staged)

Shuriken    Ranged    DC 25 Toughness    Damage (Staged)
Bo Staff    Touch     DC 25 Toughness    Damage (Staged)

Totals: Abilities (14) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (17) + Skills (12) + Feats (5) + Powers (86) - Drawbacks (0) = (150/150) Power Points


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A few minor spelling things: "suites" instead of "suits" in one spot, and "steal capabilities" instead of "stealth capabilities".

As his suit's a device, don't expect to get a hero point out of "It's a Technological Thing-A-Ma-Jig"; your device not working right when damaged is just part of the reason you get the device cost savings, I'm sad to say. (And having a character with a battlesuit myself, believe me: I am sad to say it!)

Formatting in the sheet is kinda all over the place - extra white space, powers all spread out, etc. Probably just an artifact of cutting & pasting into our forum's post editor, but if you can clean it up any future GMs you have will thank you for it.

Enhanced Intelligence is noted as 22 (+6), but with base int 14 and only 4 ranks of the Enhanced Intelligence power, this should be 18 (+4). Note that this also changes the skills section and all int-related bonuses.

The initiative section has been left blank, as has Knockback.

The attack bonus line should probably note what his attack bonus is with various powers, as I note you have Accurate on the Shurikens and some attack specialization with the bo staff.

With a melee attack bonus of +4 and a +1/+2 strength, I calculate a +6/+5 grapple bonus, unless I'm missing something somewhere.

The pp-bought bonuses on saves aren't base, they're just bare - "+2 Con, +6" rather than "+2 Con, +6 base", for instance. The base bonus is from your ability score!

With +2/+5 Dex and +5 from pp, Reflex should probably be +7/+10 rather than +8/+10.

Gryphon has bought 48pp of skills, not 47. 12pp is correct, though, which is the important bit.

Notice 5 + 0 Wis + 4 from Enhanced Skills would be +9 Notice, not +10.

Unfortunately, the power armor costs more than currently noted: 18 ranks * 4pp/rank + 2 (restricted feats) = 74pp, not 72pp.

I've taken the liberty of updating the Skill Mastery notation to be a little more clear, as well as noted the skills in the Skills section that receive benefit from it.

DC Block
Cleaned this up to make it a little more readable. 

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