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Flying Into the Storm (OOC)

The Sailor

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  • 3 weeks later...

Okay first rolls of this adventure.

If you're going to be making some dogfighting maneuvers (which is what an Immleman is) I'll need a roll that beats a DC 20. Since there isn't anyone shooting at you, I reduced the DC by 5. Also, if you fail you can make another roll. If you rack up 3 failures though I'll take over as we'll be dangerously close to the water at that point.

Also, if you fail by 10 or more on any roll, you'll have to make a DC 20 to keep from stalling, and a DC 20 save to keep from blacking out from the G Forces. If you can't make the stall check or you pass out, and I take over flying for a bit.

Also, If you want, make a Notice check for me. I'll feed you info based on how well you do.

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Smooth! I wager you had second thoughts about going all out with the maneuvering with those DCs? ;) 

No problem here is what you spotted, and I'm using spoilers to get into the habit of using them as a GM:

DC 25

As you were going to consider your options you noticed what looked like a shimmer ahead of the plane. Not sure how far away or even if it's the light reflecting off the ocean playing tricks on the windscreen canopy. All you know is something... didn't fit. Particularly as the shine was a greenish blue. That and the clouds seemed to be getting thicker ahead, not fitting of the forecast that you looked at before getting to the hangar... in fact it fitted a building storm, not a dying out one that had passed through the city before dawn today...
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A 29 with Night Vision... You gonna like this...

Post a IC post with what you see below, then roll me initiative here...

What you see

DC 10: Ocean's rough, but not unreasonible, weather is rainy (obvious as the rain starts hitting the windscreen)...
DC 15: The Radio is not picking up on any channels, but it seems functional.
DC 20: The wind's increased, buffeting the aircraft a bit, and you see a couple black dots in the air, can't make details yet...
DC 25: The black dots are aircraft... they look WWII in origin, that and there is a light on the water, coming from a rectangular object on the water, the light looks orange... like from a fire. 
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I would recommend either a Kno: Technology check, computers check, or an appropriate Craft check. If successful I'll let you come up with what was wrong and how to solve it. ^_^ Oh and they can be done untrained for this... It's a DC 10 check.

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You do have a extra HP.

Tell ya what, I'll let you make a second try next turn. Or spend a HP and more than likely make it. Thing is I'm stalled until you make a decision.

Sorry to make it sound heavy-handed. I'm just playing off of you at the moment.

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You can tell The Yeoman is on the up and up. You've seen that sort of stance and look with people who are actually honest.

But you beat a 15, so you notice something else. There's a bit of worry on the young seaman's face. It could be the crisis the ship faced, or something a bit more nasty. But it doesn't seem it relates to her question... in fact she might be asking personally for her benefit. That and the term Homo-Magi... might be something important to note in this universe...

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