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Light Under a Bushel

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Hokay, so I seem to be having a bit of an inverse problem than some people have been; every thread that Cerulean has been in so far has been a non-combat one.  Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy social threads and Eileen is a social person, but as for a powers build she's slanted heavily towards combat-capabilities, and she hasn't had a chance to showcase any of them yet.

So!  Anyone willing to run a PL10ish thread that's guaranteed to have some smashy-smashy, pew-pew-pew in it?  ^_^

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No specific elements are needed, although Ceruelan is capable against both potent, individual foes and masses of swarm troops, with either full-out combat or non-lethal methods, so anything goes.  High-profile would be good, though -- I'd like to have gotten in on that cruise thread, but as of yet she's just one of the many, many 'oh look, another Freedom City hero' masses. :D

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How about one of these: (asterisks indicate stuff we'll need to ask the Admins about)

a misfired Kappa Ray snatches Cerulean from Earth, bringing her into a struggle in Khanate space between the gallant freedom-fighter Öllis Ayz and the tyrannical (and powerful!) former governor of the region who has proclaimed themselves Regnant.

Or: a Grue* bioweapon from their last invasion has suddenly awakened, and unless quickly stopped could destroy an entire city block! Even worse, it's showing faint but definite signs of intelligence far beyond the norm of the alien titans.

Or: A Lemurian* construct of shadow and mind-bent steel bursts from a rift in time, challenging Cerulean by name while she's out with friends.

Or: A return flight from visiting her family in Boston is captures by Sky Lord*, who attempts to take the passengers and crew as hostages to protest a political cause that offends his old-fashioned ethics.

Or if none of those suit you, I can easily come up with more.



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The misfired Kappa Ray is exactly the sort of weird thing that often happens to her by chance, but it misses the mark on terrestrial notoriety. 

The grue bio weapon could work, as could the Lemurian construct -- I can see the potential for future conflicts between Shadow and the Light. 

The Sky Lord one doesn't work so well -- Boston isn't so far away that she wouldn't likely take a bus or a train rather than a flight -- she's not great with heights.   Plus, we're into pretty much 'fish in a barrel' territory with an altercation on an airplane.  :P

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"Cerulean: FAMED IN SPACE"

Sorry if I was unclear, I meant fighting Sky Lord II and one of his battle-airships with its crew and complement of of deadly turn-of-the-20th-century styled weaponry. That is what I meant to write.

Any preference on either the Grue weapon or the Lemurian?


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Ooooooh, actually I really like the sound of Sky Captain and the Steampunk Batallion, when you put it that way.  There are currently-ongoing events that could lead to an increased willingness to take a commercial flight for a visit home, but the big concern there now is...how to get off an in-air jet with a pressurized cabin without killing anyone.  :P

Well -- that's what power stunts are for, when it comes down to it; I say we go with the Sky Lord scenario.  It sounds the most up her alley. 

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If it's coming in Ashes, no worries; the intent there is to try an avoid combat, though, so I wasn't counting on it.

Ari's proposed thread sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun; if you (or Phoenix) wanted to run something as well that's great, but don't feel obligated.  :)

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