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Sometime Never?

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Penthouse, Henderson Apartments, Downtown Freedom City

04:00 am 19th June 2015, First Day of Ramadan

Agnus was gently woken from her sleep, snuggled against Amir, by Taylor declaring another beef about someone. Luckily she didn’t need much sleep and she quickly adjusted to the time zones  she skipped everyday. And even she had been all tuckered out by what they’d done last night, probably the last time they’d get to do that for a month.

“Come on sleepy head time to get up. It’s you that want’s to have breakfast at this ungodly hour.” It was around nine UK time, but she left that part out.

Slipping out of bed she padded over naked to the massive window that gave amazing views over the city, without anyone else being able to see what they were doing. Which was quite useful as INS, Aegis and maybe even the League might want to know how and why she was in the country. She still felt a little guilty that this bedroom was probably bigger than her parents entire house, though they stubbornly refused to let her to buy them a bigger home.

“You’ve still haven’t told us where we eating this morning.” she put the word morning i air quotes “I need to decide what I’m going to wear to breakfast, it takes a lot of time and effort to fit all this under a Hijab.” she gestured to her mass of hair.

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It wasn't long that Amir followed suit, and groaned before he rolled out of the bed that was not his, and he blinked.  His hands grasping his head, and working it around on his shoulders, popping it loudly as he pulled on a pair of pajama pants, and then moving after after, "By Allah I will just buy out their contracts, or business... or whatever."  It had been years since he had woken gracefully, and Agnus never seemed overly concerned about her billionaire playboy boyfriend's sleeping patterns.

Of course, he only groused at the beginning as his powers meant that he possessed inhuman stamina, and he arched a brow as he regarded her for a moment.  "You don't have to wear hijab.  No one in my family wears a hijab unless they're avoiding being arresting..."  And then he looks at his phone.  "You'd think being a superhero would earn points for this sort of thing..."\

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