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Wading Way

10:00 16th June 2015

It was a warm but overcast day and Freedom City was getting on with the important business of getting things done. But being Freedom City things never seem to be able to happen without supers getting involved.

And with a flash of anti-light and the smell of sulphur someone who looks like he’s come from a fantasy film or video game, staff and all, appears in the middle of the road which would be dangerous to him if it wasn’t for the two large demon flanking him. With words in a strange language he gestures to an Armored Car stuck in traffic and the two demon make their way through the traffic to do his bidding.

Just another normal day in Freedom City.

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Any ordinary day in Freedom City had two things in common: villains, and heroes.

One of the heroes of this particular day, entered stage right. Space warped and bent, and Tesseract stepped in through the opening, then let space snap back to its ordinary state. The hero didn't waste any time. Her 'force field' was already active, the telltale warping of space around her making that much obvious to anyone, and she started moving forward towards the man in charge, all while trying to keep a very straight face at his outfit.

"Hey! You! What are you doing?!"

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It was an ordinary summer day in Freedom City, hot and a bunch of low level crime. When there is heat there is always crime not far behind. 

Normal around this time he would be tracking down some lead or getting a quick bite to eat from Stan at the Food Truck around the corner from the office. But today he felt like putting on his new costume and going out on a patrol. Besides its not like people would notice if he was gone from his office job anyway. Going out on patrols was a fairly new thing for him, but that superhero training had really paid off. Stopping at a ledge to take a break, when he noticed two large beast appearing out of nowhere. Charging up with energy Pulsar flew down to see what was going on.

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The sorcerer raised his staff in a gesture of defiance, energy crackling along it’s length.

“It is a shame that one of my power has needs of such a base matter, but magical research isn’t cheap and I’m on the verge of my greatest discovery!” there was a gleam in his eyes as he boasted of his future discoveries. “So I’m afraid I must stop you from foiling my plans...”

He spoke some words in an, probably demonic, tongue and the two brutish demons turned there rather evil eyes towards the two heros, not before pushing through the armored car's engine block.

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The Sorcerer raised his staff and muttered some words causing a stream of dark energies to stream from the staff towards to strike Tesseract covering the young hero in writhing dark energies.

“I’m terribly sorry to do this but we all must sacrifices for achieve success, and it seems today you will be that sacrifice.”

Pulsar was in a similar situation with a large brutish demon who while he didn’t speak much above a grunt, instead talking with his fists a language he obviously spoke well hitting Pulsar with a rather solid blow.

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The Soulfire was going to hit her. It really was. And then, suddenly, it passed through the warped space that made up her 'shield', and came out on the other side, going in completely the wrong direction, and slamming uselessly into the ground. Tesseract didn't waste a moment after that, though.

Her hand reached forward, bending space to create a sudden, devastating assault and hit the Sorcerer. Cut off the head, and the body dies, right? Maybe if he was rendered unconscious, his Demons would just disappear back to whatever realm they came from. Or go completely crazy and rampage through the city. Either way, one less enemy to worry about.

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Flying head first at the beast, the beast lunged head first at Pulsar, hitting him with a mighty blow. Pulsar managed to take the hit from the beast. And returned with a energy blast from his eyes, sending the beast flying back. He hoped that demonic beast was down for good.

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The second demon came over to join his fellow but his attempted blow on Pulsar when wide of the mark, causing him to give an inhuman grunt.  

The Sorcerer continued to attempt to rain soulfire down on Tesseract but his aim this time was off and the fire devastated the road beside the young heros.

“You seem quite resilient to damage something that I may be able to use in future, if nothing you’ve encouraged further research in magical fields.”

The other demon wasn’t quite as verbose as his master but was apparently much more effective striking Pulsar with a solid blow. again.

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Tesseract didn't respond to his taunting, choosing instead to focus. For some reason, she just could not hit anything. Even now, when her hand reached out to bend and warp space, and took aim, her blast went far wide, gouging a hole out of the ground instead of knocking him around, like she'd intended.

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Pulsar managed to shrugged off the monster's attack, it hurt, but he didn't let it show. "Come on then, is that all you've got?" Though really he was still preparing himself of another round of two on one demon fighting. Which is something they don't really cover in the military.

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