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  1. "It's okay, Winters I understand what you mean," Jake gave a slight smile and gave him a firm handshake. With a quick lookover at the agent standing next to him he made sure to not to comment on the amount of clothes she was wearing. It was quite hot here, just because it didn't effect him like the norms, doesn't mean he didn't notice. Jake followed in behind Vves and Winters, making sure not to draw too much attention. He had done some research n the band in question, from what he could gather,they were mostly attention seekers who wanted it from the lowest common denominators of fans. As he entered to room, it was a disaster area, looking more like a horror movie with each passing second. Blood and guts all over. It reminded him of the last mission of he had with AEGIS, though that had less guts and more the smell of burned humans.
  2. Jake watched the people in the crowd, he was used to watching people and monitoring how they act. From what he could tell it was mostly just normal people here. But still just as well, there were some super humans here. Statically there was bound to be some here. He overheard the young women talking it sounded like nothing of importance. He tried not to look like he was listening. From what he could tell it was mostly about clothes and fashion. Typical things young people were concerned about.
  3. Jake had to admit, he was very surprised to hear from Winter. He had a relatively decent mission when he worked with him five years ago, now that he was out of the agency, he could only wonder how bad it was this time. After a long argument with his editor about doing a story about Satanic Panic, he got a good excuse to head down to Shreveport, LA. Packing his things he fly down Shreveport, making sure to bring his costume and transformation watch. Unlike a lot of people, Jake liked the warm weather of the south. Because of his powers he didn't feel the sun like a normal person, he felt pleasure when the rays of the sun hit him not pain. On the four hour flight he managed to absorb a great deal of ultraviolet light. He wore a light blue button down shirt, blue jeans and penny loafers. By the time he got to the town, it was getting dark and he could tell the people of the town were on edge. Anybody from out of town was getting the sideye. It didn't help that he had his press badge on. After getting directions he flew down to the site, he hoped it wasn't as bad as he heard.
  4. Pulsar managed to shrugged off the monster's attack, it hurt, but he didn't let it show. "Come on then, is that all you've got?" Though really he was still preparing himself of another round of two on one demon fighting. Which is something they don't really cover in the military.
  5. Toughness Check 1d20+10: 15 http://orokos.com/roll/304588
  6. http://orokos.com/roll/303601 1d20+10=18
  7. Flying head first at the beast, the beast lunged head first at Pulsar, hitting him with a mighty blow. Pulsar managed to take the hit from the beast. And returned with a energy blast from his eyes, sending the beast flying back. He hoped that demonic beast was down for good.
  8. Toughness Check 29 http://orokos.com/roll/302780 Eye Blast 16 http://orokos.com/roll/302779
  9. It was an ordinary summer day in Freedom City, hot and a bunch of low level crime. When there is heat there is always crime not far behind. Normal around this time he would be tracking down some lead or getting a quick bite to eat from Stan at the Food Truck around the corner from the office. But today he felt like putting on his new costume and going out on a patrol. Besides its not like people would notice if he was gone from his office job anyway. Going out on patrols was a fairly new thing for him, but that superhero training had really paid off. Stopping at a ledge to take a break, when he noticed two large beast appearing out of nowhere. Charging up with energy Pulsar flew down to see what was going on.
  10. I totally missed that. I can just make a few adjustments to that. :)
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