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Luck but Not Luck


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Would it be reasonable to buy ranks of Luck that creates HP that can only be used for powers within a given Array? Like a mage who has HP for rerolls and stunts just off the Magic array, but can't use them anywhere else on the sheet.

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I'd say it'd be a Limited[Array name] flaw, since you can't use that HP for saves, skills, other powers, etc, nor can you use that to stave off fatigue.

More to the point, those Luck Points would still count against the PL limit, so I'd say that their effectiveness is more than halved.

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One the one hand I'd be okay with flawing it (as a -0 flaw so no discount whatsoever).  As it doesn't hurt 3e any to do the optional luck options that do the same.

On the other, more bookkeeping to keep track of in which HP you can spend on what.

Probably easier to simply make a conscious choice to spend the HP only a certain way instead.

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