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April Showers Bring...

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To find the shed and equipment.  Since I posted it first, Vicki is already there.  If she had failed, then yes, I would have wanted one.  Just more for a how much time is it going to take them.  Unless Sakurako is going to a different location, then yes, I would like one.

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Here we go then... Searching for manual-only inflatable life vests Enough for all of us and at least 8 crew members (12 in total, we can take three each. They're like the airliner style, so they're pretty small stowed, I know I already got something like that in my equipment, but I'm carrying a spare (for a crew member or if my primary malfunctions), and I wager at least the sea worthy members of our team would want a extra to carry.)

Notice Check (+10): 1d20+10 12 Hero Point (I'm sure we're getting loads more later...)
Notice Check (+10) with Hero Point: 1d20+10 21 Much better, a 21.

I'd recommend we find a life raft, and a first aid kit too, with other people's searches, of course

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Well the vests usually are in their own rip-open bag, and we can carry them in small bags. 3 for each of us, and for the non-confident swimmers in the group they can wear one so if something goes wrong (outside the boat) they can head to the surface.

So, now lets see if we can find some life rafts. Note the wetsuits you were looking for are drysuits. Designed to help insulate in cold water. Might come in handy to those that get hypothermic.

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