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Sure, that seems fine. Keith and Paige know each other from fighting side by side in '93; there's a lot of strong feelings tied up in that so the Scarab could probably pick up on some specifics if you like. I feel like 1-800-JUSTICE probably crossed paths with the previous Scarab, too, but if nothing else the Scarab could make at least one of the Knowledge checks to recognize Wail at a glance.

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You recognize this guy (the old guy) ! This is Harry Howard, aka Captain Freedom, whose career intersected the latter stages of Alexander Rhodes. Debuted in 1976 at the age of 16, used a peak human physiology and gravity control powers to climb around, fight crime, make witty quips. Teamed up with the Scarab a couple of times and was a pretty good kid. He was pretty protective of his secret ID; but didn't mind his brain being read. 

To know his post-1978 history off the top of your head is a DC 25 History check. 

Wail and Hologram 

You were alive during the latter part of the 70s - but you never saw Captain Freedom with his mask off! You both have the Gather Info/History to know plenty about his career, though...once the Scarab spills the beans. 

Let's call it a pretty high Notice check to recognize him without the mask, decades later - call it a 30 for Hologram and 25 for Wail, since the latter traded quips with him in battle a few times.

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The same stuff as the Scarab - and more! 

Wail remembers that Harry was obviously in love; he talked a lot about his best girl (who he never actually named) and his plans to settle down with her one day. He was mostly a good egg, but it was pretty obvious even through the full face mask he was a white kid from the suburbs, especially when it came to fighting inner city crime. 

He was no jive turkey, though, and listened to people who knew better - at least when they were in spandex too. At the end of the day, his worst crime was being so damn young. Weren't they all? 

He had a big list of guys after him, too, Wail had the impression there'd been a common origin story, some kind of industrial accident? But Wail hasn't heard anything from those guys in decades. 

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