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Building an alien race compendium


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So you might have possibly heard me mention the idea here and there, so I decided to go ahead and start the project because I'm not sure anyone is doing it or planning to do it. Basically, I'm planning to build a reference guide to alien races, both book and site canon. If you made up an alien race, even if just a name or decription for a thread, post it here as it would be greatly appreciated for my ressource. Well, once it's done anyway.

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K'vtrs, a very large and long-lived race of sapient lizard-esque creatures composed of a loops and tentacles of molten minerals. They can only survive at extremely high temperatures outside of specialized encounter suits. One showed up in Seal of Sedna, pretending to be an agent of the Preservers.

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I'm in the process of creating the Ipukar, a hermaphroditic tropical-dwelling species that lack olfactory senses but can digest anything organic that's not actively toxic.



Tamahine, like all of the Ipukar, possesses a relatively short, squat build.  Not possessing the dead protein strands of mammals, his hide is smooth, mottled between hues of burnt orange to russet brown.  Her eyes are a slit-pupiled orange of a lighter shade than his skin, and the flaps running along his nasal ridge reveal a shockingly bright coral colour on their interior when they open.


Bipedal and bilaterally symmetrical, each foot is long and slender, and possesses six toes.  Her hands have four broad, blunt fingers, used for applications of strength, and tucked away to protect them are two long, much more delicate digits that can be used for finer manipulation.

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Lanternians: Race of Biologically immortal lepidopteran humanoids, Small in numbers due to longevity and lack of resources, there penchant for introspection and contemplation upon their colonized moon has lead to a natural affinity for the arcane and scholastic pursuits, with slender but resilient frames designed to survive upon their hostile planet and atmosphere- less moon, though they are born wingless and without body hair they undergo a metamorphosis upon reaching maturity (100 in terran years); oozing a viscous substance from their spiracles that hardens into a cocoon, emerging anywhere from a few days to a week later with the antenna, vestigial wings and mane of fine fur of an adult of a colouration suited to serve as passive camouflage in their environment. (it is traditional for the remains of the cocoon to be broken down into silk and made into a ceremonial robe for the new adult.), They're particularly conductive of thermal and electrical energies.

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