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The Great Zoo Robbery


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OOC for >this thread.


Alright, this is the thread for the higher-power folks: Queenie, Corona, and Wail. Their goal: to capture The Packmate and rescue those trapped in the western side of the zoo without hurting the animals. To make things OOC-ly clear, I've provided a map and a brief description of current events. Special thanks to the Saint Louis Zoo, standing in for the Hanover Zoo.


Western Half of the Zoo:



West Side Story: Heroes can respond to these crises in any order; they may inform how you want your hero to arrive.


The bears have taken over the visitors' center at the north entrance, injuring several staff and forcing a large group of visitors to hide in the restaurant's kitchen. Swans and penguins are robbing the gift shop and offices.


The hippos have derailed the zoo train, causing an electrical fire that spread to the animal nutrition center. A school group is trapped inside the building, and the hippos are charging anyone who tries to approach or leave.


The goats and elephants have escaped through the north entrance and are attacking the police perimeter, the smaller animals viciously butting officers (who are reluctant to shoot them) while the elephants trample police cars.


The rhinoceroses are guarding the narrow paths to the new leopard conservation exhibit, charging anyone who tries to approach. Inside, The Packmate and her henchmen are preparing her getaway with the amur leopards.

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