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Got This On Anti-Lock


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OOC for >this thread, featuring Nevermore, Endeavor, Samaritan, and Uplink!


I've whipped up a map below; special thanks to the George Washington Bridge, standing in for the Mangold. Sorry, it's amateur hour quality. The puddles are gasoline spills. The truck with the X and the two red dots is the armored car. The round semi is a gasoline truck. I think everything else should be self-explanatory, but please feel free to ask if it's not. The map is more of a guideline than anything hard and fast anyway, so feel free to take some license with the scene's layout.



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I don't recall the bonus associated with a Surprise Attack. I'll just roll with my normal bonuses, and anything extra can be added in later.


I think this time around we'll go for a bog-standard melee attack.


Attack Roll: 12. Sigh, of course. Doing a Hero Point Reroll.

Reroll: 12. That's just silly. But with the reroll that's a 22, which should hopefully hit.

That'll be a DC 21 Toughness Save.


Oh, and Initiative: 19. Orokos proves to be as cruel as Invisible Castle.

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The main advantage of a surprise attack is the loss of the dodge bonus, which very nearly resulted in an instant knockout by denying the mercenary the benefit of Defensive Roll (22-7= difference of 14). The goons aren't rolling any better than you are! Exactly the same, as a matter of fact; they tied you for initiative. Since the odds of Endeavor beating that are pretty long, and since Nevermore just acted, I'm going to break the tie by having the mercenaries act in order to keep things moving.


Endeavor should roll for initiative, though; if she does manage a 19 or 20 I will make up for skipping her. As for Uplink, he got a 15, so he's last so far.


Nevermore is the recipient of three stun gun attacks: a miss, a miss, and a miss. A chaingun goes after the more clearly superhuman Endeavor; it misses as well, but chews up some of the vehicles behind her, which don't look like they can take much more.

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Nevermind... making rolls shortly.


Rolling for Endeavor's Initiative

Initiative: 1d20+0 8


Also, next time you have a major combat helicopter in the area, make it more obvious? It only got a 4 word mention in two posts you made. Before I first posted.


Also I didn't know we could go in for attacks. I thought you couldn't do that until initiatives were rolled.

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I'm really sorry, Osprey. To be honest, I wasn't expecting either of you to jump right to the mercenaries when there was a whole bridge full of stranded people in the middle; I was planning to unveil the description a little more gradually. If there's anything you'd like to redo, up to and including making a surprise attack, I will gladly rewrite the GM post I made to reflect it, since this was my bad.

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Right then.


Melee Attack vs Staggered Merc: 20. That...probably hits? DC 21 Toughness Save. I'm going to assume it probably drops that merc in which case I'll roll for a Takedown Attack. If that won't come into play let me know: I'll hold off on posting IC until we're for-sure on this.

Takedown Attack vs Merc on Nevermore's Right: 25. That should definitely hit. DC 21 Toughness Save.

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Sorry I didn't wait for you, EP; I should have. I will definitely work Samaritan in. For now, please roll initiative, just so we can get a clear posting order.


KD, the first attack hits and scores a knockout. The second one leaves another mercenary stunned.


Osprey, there are four mercenaries in front of the armored car; one of them is now unconscious. The helicopter does have open doors on the sides; the mercenaries rappelled down from it. Currently it is occupied by two pilots. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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This is what I'm intending to do. I need input on anything needed from me.


Free: Switch to "Magnetic Actuation Mode" (Magnetic Control 7) on my EM Wand, an effective ranged move object of strength 35

Move: Fly into the helicopter through open door Grabbing on something with one hand once inside

Standard: Using Magnetic Control, force the control sticks of the pilots to be pushed in a way to force the helicopter away from the bridge into the water.

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Sorry, delay on my end; I went out of town over the weekend. I'll be staying here for the foreseeable future, so no more delays.


I don't think any rolls need to be made for those particular actions. Just posted, so you're up!


Uplink spent his starting hero point to make his Snare into an Energy Absorption (Fire) effect.

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