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Got This On Anti-Lock


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An unholy union of Arkham Origins, Payday 2, and the black ice I skidded on last week brought me this idea.


Wednesday, January 21st: Sleet falls on Freedom City all morning, not sticking enough to justify breaking out the snowplows but making the roads slick and dangerous. A police report goes out at 10 AM; a semi truck on the Mangold Bridge hit a patch of black ice and spun out, completely blocking the southbound lanes and leading to a pileup of nearly a hundred cars. Dozens are injured, and small fires have broken out down the length of the bridge; this is particularly worrying because a large gasoline truck is present.


Unbeknownst to the police, the semi truck didn't lose control; it deliberately crashed in order to block the highway. Among the vehicles stuck in the pileup is an armored car on its way from Jameson Airport to the Kirby Museum of Fine Arts. It carries a number of impressionist paintings worth several million dollars, recent acquisitions by the museum in an effort to rebuild the impressionist collection damaged years ago by the Philistine. Mercenaries are moving in to steal them and escape by helicopter.


Heroes responding to the emergency call (preferably no more than 2-3, to keep things moving) will have to deal with injured people trapped in their cars, fires threatening to cause severe damage to the bridge, and a totally callous, highly-trained mercenary crew that will stop at nothing to take advantage of the chaos they have created. Plus they'll get to meet Uplink, so who could say no?


So, any takers?

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