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I'm a Dummy


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So I noticed a small typo on Grim's sheet, an html error that threw off the formatting of the Equipment block. I saw it was still possible for me to edit it, so I thought 'what the hell, no point bothering a Ref I'll just fix it myself'. This was dumb for two reasons:

1. Editing approved characters is the exclusive purview of the Refs.

2. Now some of the formatting is off for some reason; the DC Block is all wrong, and her two pictures are awkwardly smooshed together.

Very sorry, Ref Team!

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No worries.

I've taken the liberty of cleaning up the DC block and moving the images off to the right of the sheet - I can't guarantee either is what you want them to look like, but it should make the sheet more manageable until you have a chance to submit your own edits.

Delicious, delicious abuse of ref-ly power.

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