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Trailblazer (PL7) - souffle_girl

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My main inspirations here were being in Dublin, Door from Gaiman's Neverwhere and, for the visual theme, the character of Myriam Leclair from the italian comic Jonathan Steele.

Player Name: Souffle_girl

Character Name: Trailblazer

Power Level: 7 (105/109 PP)

Trade-Offs: +2 Attack / -2 DC (unarmed), +3 Defense / -3 Toughness

Unspent Power Points: 4

Progress To Bronze Status: 4/30

In Brief: Teenage teleporter badly in need of a course in being a fairy.

Residence: Claremont High

Catchphrase: "Let's see where this door leads..."

Alternate Identity: Angeline Ross

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: The spirit realm

Occupation: High school student

Family and friends:

- Deirdre Ross: Angie's adoptive mother, owns a curio and books shop in downtown Freedom catering to the needs of the Arcane community.

- The Traveller: Nothing is known about Angie's real father, except for this nickname. He belongs to a once well respected, now declining, fairy clan and his powers are supposed to have to do with travelling through realities.

- Oliver: Oliver is Angie's cat... or at least that's what she thought. Until she found out Oliver is actually an underling of her father's, a fairy in cat form sent to Earth to watch over her. Oliver can telepathically communicate with Angie and can (and often will) take an incorporeal, invisible form to watch over her as a disembodied spirit. He provides her with protection against magic and watches her back, but also constantly reports to her father and is a hopeless prankster.

- Michael Forrest: Angie's boyfriend, Mike is literally obsessed with anything connected to superheroes. He's a nice guy, but quite nosy, and plays bass guitar in a band. The Traveller thinks he's not worthy of his daughter.


Age: 16 (DoB: Year [Optionally, Day & Month])

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Apparently Caucasian

Height: 169cm / 5' 6"

Weight: 52 Kg / 115 Lbs

Eyes: blue

Hair: blond, dyed dark red

Angie is quite tall, slender and usually dresses in denim and leather, in a typically punk style. Her blonde hair is dyed a deep red and she sports piercings in her right nostril and left eyebrow.

When in fairy form, Angie is a humanoid silhouette radiating golden light, with only eyes and mouth as defined features.

Power Descriptions:

-can turn any door or similar object into a portal for the spirit world, and she can travel through the spirit world to any other door. Similarly, she can guide people through the spirit world.

-can make short teleport jumps by "hopping" into the spirit world then back in the material world. When moving like this she can only bring inanimate objects with her.

-can 'shed' her human shell to gain an alternate fairy form, at the cost of being very noticeable.

-she's followed around by a guardian spirit that grants her good luck and a few passive defenses.

-can summon a blade of shimmering magical energy for self protection.


Angeline, or Angie as everyone calls her, is Scottish in origin. She was adopted as a baby by a woman that everyone considered crazy, as she practiced a religion that drew from her homeland's pagan traditions. This meant Angie grew up as an oddball, the target of lots of stares and talking. On her part, while her mother truly believed in her stories of fairies and elves, Angie thought it was all a bunch of superstitions, but she still loved her mother.

When her mother lost her job, Angie and her moved to Freedom City, where her mother opened a small bookshop that sold occult and new age books. Once again, Angie was considered the odd kid. Growing up into her teens, Angie became less and less tolerant of her mother's quirkiness, completely disregarding all her talk about magic and the 'old ways', growing restless and rebellious.

All her view on the world changed on her 16th birthday. Her mother was very nervous that day, and Angie couldn't figure out why. She told her, however, that on that day she was meant to meet her real parents.

At noon, a strange man dressed in a traveller's clothes showed up at their door, claiming to be Angies's father. At lunch he told her he was simply known as the Traveller, and that he, like Angie, was one of the fae.

Of course, Angie barely managed to hold back her laughters, thinking this man must have been another crazy hippie her mother happened to sleep with, or even worse, one who abandoned his daughter to a friend.

Her amusement didn't last long. Her father smiled and, looking at the clock, he just said "It shouldn't be much, now."

Exactly 16 years after her first breath, Angie exploded in a flash of light as her human disguise crumbled, revealing a being of pure magic radiating an aura of awe. With a good amount of effort, Angie managed to pull the magic back and return to her "normal" form, but the magic was her to command, now.

Her father explained that she had been left on Earth, in the care of someone who still believed in the supernatural, to protect her. Her real family had many dangerous enemies that would undoubtedly target her if they could find her. Her time on Earth was not done: she had acquired her powers, but she needed to learn how to use them. And that's how Angie came to Claremont.

Personality & Motivation:

Angie is a fierce girl, used to fight for herself, and very proud. She naturally tends to take charge of things if left on her own devices and is usually at odd with people she sees as a threat to her freedom.

She has no desire to become a superheroine, but sees her time at Claremont as a necessary evil if she wants to learn how to protect herself and the people she loves from the enemies of her family.

Powers & Tactics:

Angie's powers allow her to travel through Arcadia in either short jumps or longer, more difficult journeys. She can also use doors as a medium to open portals to other worlds... virtually to any world, even if she's very afraid to venture further than Arcadia, as that would be a dangerous thing to do.

In a fight, Angie will typically apply a hit-and-run tactic based on short teleport jumps followed by a magical sword attack. If she needs to fly, or when cornered, Angie can "shed the mask" of her human form and turn into Fairy Form, something she does warily as she's more easily detected by her father's enemies when in this form.


Oathbound: Due to the nature of her people, Angie can never consciously break an oath or promise.

Oliver's pranks: Oliver is good hearted, but is a hopeless prankster and tends to cause mischief unless Angie keeps him at bay.

Hunted family: some other dangerous force is openly at war with her family in the spirit realm. Great displays of power or too much time spent in the spirit realm will attract their attention.

Nosy boyfriend: Angie's boyfriend Mike is a superhero fanatic and she absolutely needs to keep her superpowers from him.

Dimension Walker: Angie's "teleportation" through portals to Arcadia actually consists of a trip through another dimension. She usually can navigate Arcadia, but on some occasions the trip itself might be dangerous: she could encounter other beings; lose the road; or Arcadia could be somehow 'out of phase' with the real world, and she could end up emerging in a slightly different time or place compared to the original destination.

Abilities: 2 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 6 + 6 = 24PP

Strength: 12 (+1)

Dexterity: 12 (+1)

Constitution: 14 (+2)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 16 (+3)

Charisma: 26/16 (+8/+3)

Combat: 6 + 8 = 14PP

Initiative: +1

Attack: +3 Melee, +3 Ranged, +9 Magical Blade

Grapple: +4

Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -2

Saving Throws: 5 + 6 + 4 = 15PP

Toughness: +4 (+2 Con, +2 [Defensive Roll])

Fortitude: +7 (+2 Con, +5)

Reflex: +7 (+1 Dex, +6)

Will: +7 (+3 Wis, +4)

Skills: 12R = 3PP

Diplomacy 4 (+7)

Knowledge (arcane) 2 (+4)

Knowledge (cosmology) 1 (+3)

Concentration 5 (+7)

Feats: 11PP

Attack Specialization (Magical Blade) 3

Dodge Focus 6

Defensive Roll 1

Power Attack

Powers: 12 + 12 + 11 + 5 = 40PP

Dimensional Walking 5 (10 pp array; magic, dimensional, Feats: 2 Alternate Powers) [12PP]

BP: Teleport 3 (300 ft, Dimensional Backdoor, magic, dimension; Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout, Easy) {10/10PP}

AP: Teleport 3 (300 ft, Doorstep through Arcadia, magic, dimension; Extras: Portal, Accurate; Flaws: Long Range, Medium [door or similar object], Drawback:Must be in Fairy Form) {8/10PP}

AP: Super-Movement 3 [Dimensional movement] (Dimensional Walker, magic, dimension; Extras: Affect Others, Flaws: Limited [requires a door or similar object as a medium), Drawback: Must be in Fairy Form {5/10PP}

Alternate Form 3 (Shedding the Shell, 15 PP, magic, Drawbacks: Action 3 [Full Action]) [12PP]

Enhanced Charisma 10 (to CHA 26/+8) {10}

Enhanced Feat 1 (Fascinate (Diplomacy) {1}

Flight 2 (25 MPH/250 FPM) {4}

Container 2.1 (Oliver, 11PP, magic) [11PP]

Enhanced Feats 4 (Evasion 1, Luck 2, Uncanny Dodge [Mental]) {4}

Power Resistance 3 (Magic) {6}

Super Senses 1 (Danger Sense (Mental) {1}

Strike 4 (Magical Blade, Magic, Feats: Mighty) [5PP]

Drawbacks: -2

Iron Vulnerability (+50% DC) [2PP]

DC Block


Unarmed Touch DC16 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical)

Magical Blade Touch DC20 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical)

Totals: Abilities (24) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (3) + Feats (11) + Powers (40) - Drawbacks (2) = 105/109 Power Points

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+1pp for December 2014
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Looks like height and weight have been left blank - I certainly agree that these are frustrating to pin down, but they do help people describe and imagine your character (height is important for narrative stuff, weight's important for a select few mechanic things, like throwing and lifting your character). I highly recommend the Photographic Height/Weight Chart, which has saved me many a time.


Strength +1 and a melee attack bonus of +3 gives Trailblazer a grapple bonus of +4, not +3.

With +4 base defense, Trailblazer would have a Flat-Footed Defense of +2, not +4.

With Toughness +4, Trailblazer would have a Knockback modifier of -2, not -0.


You're actually overpaying for the doorstep; Teleport is a base 2pp/rank power. Adding Portal (+2/rank), Accurate (+1/rank), Long-Range (-1/rank), Medium (-1/rank), and the fairy limitation (-1pp) makes it 3pp/rank - 1, or 8pp, not 10. You have room for a couple feats here if you want 'em.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone run with Power Resistance. Interesting; I look forward to seeing how it works out in play.

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