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Vanguard: The Osprey Formula (OOC)


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OOC for


The Haven is being trawled through and repaired, and is half back on line. Feel free to explore or make rolls to use it if you wish (it is quite safe now!)


Social posts for a bit, with Eileen now in the mix, and Blackpool all ready for some ear bashing from Jasmine. We shall then move to examining the Osprey and looking to catch the Tyullian. 

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Ok so a little comic book science handwavium in the last post. 


Basically the Professor has a way to make you super-attractive (to eat?) for the big T. 


Throwing out some options:


1. The Pheremone handwavium thing could be a possible complication for Osprey if it affects him (no need for this, it could just be a problem for the T, given he was affected most brutally). If you want to riff on this, speak out!


2. The Osprey formula and its "DNA stabilisation" could potentially be a cure for Catalysts chemical burns, a medical marvel if you will. Roo, if you want to play on any of that, speak out! of course, even if it works, you can always have it temporary or mutating or something. Just throwing out stuff you may wish to use. 


[As always any other ideas you have, throw out!]

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Ok so if Catalyst is whipping up something, an effective on/off switch for the "Pheremone" thingy to attract the big T - 


Lets go for a Physical Sciences DC 25 roll to design it - +2 situational bonus as its up her street. Your skill mastery automatically makes this. DC 25 Chemical Craft to whip it up, and again Catalyst can skill mater this. So, Roo, feel free to pretty much narrate what you want to build for Osprey (providing you want to!) and we can say its done fairly quickly. 

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Ok answered IC, going for the dual approach as suggested by Ari. 


Roo -> you have a few hours in the interim to craft, research or even invent if you want to. 


Let me know where you want to lay a trap either here or IC, and I will proceed to a scene cut!

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We are back on!


Ok ill presume you can have binoculars if you wish!


Spotting the T is not difficult. DC 0 base, but with the normal range modifiers (or, if using binoculars, -1 per 50 feet penalty). This is to give an indication of how far away you spot him. 


The Osprey has extended vision naturally, so -1 per 100 feet

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Yeah, ummmm....right!


So for the sake of, you know, reasonable physics, and London skyline (which can be high in the centre), lets say that the Osprey notices the Tylurran at a distance of 1000' (yeah, I know technically it would be 2400' but...worth with me people! its still awesome megavision!)


So the T is flying at 440' Round. Lets call it that the Osprey can speak to Catalyst. So you can take your shot when you feel like it Roo... and the T will notice you guys at a distance of (as you are hiding rather than flying I will give him a DC 10 to notice you)...blah blah blah...handwavium, T has extended vision, a distance of 500'


As Catalyst has ranged attacks, you have a round when he is at 1000', A round when he is at 560', then next round he will be at 120' and notice you. 


He is flat footed till then, and you have the standard surprise attack bonus (+2), and of course you may wish to aim (for +2) one round. 

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