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Vanguard: Diamond Life OOC


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OOC for this thread. 


Young Brittania and Synapse go in search of Lucy Diamond. 


(Likely to be joined by Catalyst and Osprey from parallel thread later). 


To kick off, YB and Synapse can pretty much ask for any Ministerial resources they wish. Ill make that a DC 10 Diplomacy for anything major (like a private helicopter or so on). 


You also have full files on Lucy Diamond: She is a mutant with the ability to turn into an organic diamond compound (not as tough, but she does actually move!). In this form she can focus light into laser beams or dazzling light shows. More complex is her brain is scrambled: she has become progressively ditzy and chaotic, is immune to psionics, and anyone touching her becomes a bit scrambled too. 


You may make Knowledge (Behavioural Sciences) DC 20 to note that LD has no specific psychiatric disorder, its just her powers make her perceptions disjointed and she is thus perplexed and confused. 


NB: Thev, Whilst Synapse may at first glance seem "useless" against LD, as she is immune to psionics, this is for a reason and bear in mind Lucy is unlikely to be a direct antagonist. Although lots of problems do follow her (I.e. you will probably not be directly fighting her). In addition, this effect may, if you wish, offer an avenue to stop Susans madness (as her power nullifies psionics, it could nullify Susans problems)...just a thought. 


Anyway, kick off, and I suggest a fairly quick scene cut to Wales, give me the nod when you wish (travel by land, sea, air, or teleportation!)

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