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Its Alive!


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Sorry my  fault, that will need two DC 15 Fort Saves then. 


And we can have both knocked out. 


Sorry Sand - combat over! this was just the preamble!


(Pierce for reference even if you post stuff IC, it is usual convention here to give a very brief OOC post about what type of attack you are doing such as: "Using selective area attack on the two sewer men" - just helps avoid stuff! :) )


That said, two knockouts, and I have editted my post!

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Moving this

Taking 10 on Knowledge (life sciences), result 20, to examine the goo if there's any left. Also if they're familiar to anything from >this adventure

To here, where it belongs!

The Goo is not from previous adventure, unsurprisingly! It appears to be some kind of monocellular fungus culture, non sentient, but alive and toxic to human flesh (or any other flesh, for that matter!)

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