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  1. I'll take anything for The Blur, I'm just looking to get into some threads before I fade again into the abyss.
  2. Sounds pretty cool, evil opposites are fun. The Blur can have someone to race!
  3. ZOOOOOOM by Thevshi Pretty massive edit, since reappearing from the abyss I've found a few problems in this build I'd like to patch up. Let's get started... Stats Dropping Strength and Constitution from 18 each to 14 and 12, respectively. Removing Enhanced Dexterity, but buying normal Dexterity up to 14. Combat Attack Bonus is the same, but 4 of the +6 bonus is now an Enhanced Trait Defence Bonus has gone from +6 to +7, though this time 5 of that bonus is Enhanced Trait Saves Fortitude is 3 higher, though due to lowered Constitution the bonus is still +7 Reflex has been increased to +15 despite the loss of Dexterity, though 8 of this bonus is Enhanced Trait. Skills One extra PP Spent +3 Acrobatics +1 Sense Motive Feats Added Accurate Attack Dodge Focus is now 8 (from 6), though all 8 ranks are Enhanced Trait. Removed Fast/Improved Overrun Improved Initiative is 4 (from 2), though all 4 Ranks are now Enhanced Trait. Removed Luck Added Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Craft Electronic, Craft Mechanical, Disable Device) Added Uncanny Dodge Powers Various Enhanced Traits have been removed/added, all mentioned in the relevant sections above. Regeneration and Leaping are both gone. Speed and Quickness are now both Rank 7, from 13 and 10 respectively. 'Super-Fast Attack' array renamed to 'Super-Speed.' Super-Speed Array completely changed (old powers - three variations of Strike. New powers - Strike, Blast, Insubstantial, Healing. See stat block for elaboration)
  4. "Nah, I don't think I've been to this one before...Nice place, but a bit slow for me," Marko said, noticing with a slight frown that he was losing Lindsey's attention. "But I guess I can't complain, as long as the drinks are flying, it's all good." He slowly tapped his pocket, making sure that his wallet still felt fat. Well, at least, not-malnourished. The girl would probably like it if he bought her a drink, he realised, but that was a financial sacrifice that he wouldn't survive making.
  5. Erm, is this dead, then? It's been a few weeks.
  6. piercetbh

    Its Alive!

    Well, um, I think it's been a week now. Ready to continue, supercape?
  7. One of Marko's greatest powers was that he could do anything, even think, at amazing speeds. This meant that he was pretty great in a conversation, since he could always form an answer to a question before he'd even started to speak. For reasons he didn't quite understand, this power never seemed to function around reasonably attractive women. "Uh, I'm basically always drinking," he said. The words were coming out of his mouth at the same time they arrived in his brain, and there was no time to proofread. "Except when I'm at work. Engineer. I'm an engineer, you know, I build lots of cool stuff." He consumed a sizeable portion of the beer in front of him, feeling his charisma amplify itself even as it was crippled further. "So what's your name?" He weakly continued. "I'm The B--uh, Marko. Yeah, people call me The Marko. Silly in-joke, heheh." He returned to his drink again, making a tactical retreat as he realised how terribly he was performing.
  8. piercetbh

    Its Alive!

    Oh oops, I made a post before seeing that. I'll keep it saved, for when Sand's week is up. Are we talking a week from now, or a week from the last post (which is almost over already)?
  9. piercetbh

    Its Alive!

    Well, um, looks like I'll be doing this thread myself. If Sand hasn't posted tomorrow, I'll do it. No worries btw, solo is fine!
  10. Even at the club, with a beer in his hand and a handful of women to mingle with, Marko could not quite escape the rest of his week. His pockets were filled completely with things he wished didn't have to be there; his Blur suit, of course. His notepad, full of ideas for things like improvements to the suit, or concepts for his upcoming HIT project. There was his wallet, too, constantly there to remind him that he was definitely the poorest schmuck in the room. As the night grew older, all of that would sink away. But for now it was very much present, annoying him in his weekly attempt to enjoy himself. "Another beer," he muttered to the passing bartender, pushing his glass away and absently withdrawing his wallet again. Marko sighed as he saw the diminishing number of bills within before sliding it back into the denim pocket. With his hand in the pocket, he briefly considered withdrawing his notepad and pen. He needed to have another look at his notes on Microscopic Power Sources...but not right now. Now was supposed to be club night. A newly-full glass slid into the space in front of him and he picked it up, analysing the nearby dance floor as he did so.
  11. "Pretty fast, yeah, I get that a lot," The Blur said, returning Life Knight's smile. He moved to accept the man's handshake before realising that his own hand was red and swollen, marked with drops of the green goo. "Oh." He awkwardly stuck out his clean left hand and used it to shake the knight's right. "I'm The Blur, by the way. Tell all your friends about me, I'm trying to get some...street cred, I guess." His eyes were drawn to the struggling cop on the road, lying still in pain. "I don't suppose you can help him somehow?" He asked Life Knight. "I was gonna run him to the hospital real quick, but I don't think vigorous motion will be that great for him. Or if they have anything appropriate for his condition. Waste of energy anyway; we need to get underground and take this out at the source, and there'll be more of those things down there for sure." Mentioning the affliction of the goo made him look at his own soaked hand. It burned, and he suspected that with a bit less luck he could've found himself just like the man on the road. Looking down he realised that his boot was ruined too, torn and filled with holes where the cruel substance had fought through it. Great.
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