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I never promised you a Zen Garden (Open)

Tiffany Korta

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Even for someone raised in a tough environment the last couple of day’s had been too cold to bear for too long. But now the temperature was a little more tolerable and she had decided now was a good time to do something. Maybe after a few days shut indoors she was going a little stir crazy but she decided that today she was going to clear the snow from the Zen Garden.


So after a quick and early breakfast with a few hours before classes began she borrowed a shovel and head out to complete her task.

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Giang Trang was just finishing slipping on a light sweatshirt as she dressed to go outside to join Cerys in helping to clear the snow from the Zen Garden.  Unlike a number of her fellow students, the extreme cold Freedom City had experienced the past few days had not bothered the Asian teen at all, despite her having grown up in a subtropical climate.  But while she had not been forced to be coped up like some of the others, she was more than happy to help to clear the Zen Garden, a place she regularly visited to meditate or just relax.


"Are you ready Thaelia?"  Giang asked as she turned to regard her Atlantean roommate.

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Thaelia was wearing a blue dress much more fitting of a warmer spring season.  Her abdomen had an elaborate golden armored plating with a few scratches from heavy wear and tear.  The dress left her right leg completely bare which further emphasized how comfortable the Atlantean was with the cool temperature and latest bouts of inclement weather.  "I will be right there."  Clasping a set of elevated sandals that had soles comparable to a set of boots closed she stood up from her bed.


Thaelia reached for a stress ball kept near her bed.  Taking a few solid repetitions as she made her way to Giang.  It wasn't a stress clearing exercise, one would have to be stressed for such a need.  She merely used it as a means of practice strength control.  Squeezing just right so as to not flatten the ball into a rubber pancake.  If they were going to be cleaning up the mass of snow today, she wanted to be careful to not break the variety of fragile setting pieces in the Zen Garden.  Not that Thaelia took to meditating often, however, she was willing to lend a hand without a complaint.


After Prancing her way out of the room, Thaelia would readily lead the way to the Zen Garden.  Picking up a soft hum along the way.

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