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The Hades Complex(OOC)


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Yes, Vector has a rough idea that they're smuggling bad stuff.

Their initiative roll: 19.


And you don't roll for Damage, your damage rank is just applied to a base DC15(in the case of direct damage things), and if you hit your opponent rolls a Toughness save vs that number. The Strike is rank 12, 12+15 is 27, so a DC27 toughness save. They can't match that, so they go down at once.


Feel free to attack again, they're Flat-Footed so they don't have a Dodge Bonus to Defence. Feel free to take ten on your Attack rolls.

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Most of the thugs turn and start running, two of them(gently, Move Action) place their crate on the ground and bust it open with a Standard. The third thug not running pulls something out of the crate, aims it at Vector(Accurate Attack, +1 Attack -1 DC): 21. If that happens to hit her while her Defense isn't shifted up to 15, DC18 Reflex save and DC23 Toughness save.


Thunder, have Graft roll Notice please, DC15. As it is he sees an easy route into the storage building that would let him get the drop on the possible criminals.


Blue Rose, Ages Lost will show up shortly after Graft makes his move, if that's fine by you.

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That's a fair cop Thunder King! Graft did not totally blunder, but his was not a cat-like tread.


Feel free to take whatever action you deem best.


Blue Rose, Stormbreaker will arrive in just a couple posts, sorry this has taken so long and thank you for your patience.

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Thunder, could you give me an opposed Grapple check, and a DC20 Toughness save?


Also a DC25 Reflex save to dodge the crate as it comes hurtling towards Graft.


EDIT: I forgot to add this at first. Grapple roll: 26.

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That hits. Assuming it's the Strike(please be sure to mention what the attack is, even if it seems obvious to you!), DC27 Toughness save for him. He cannot possibly make that, and is flung thirty feet.


The other two surrender promptly. Question away.

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She knows that the Mob(especially its leader, the 'Omega of Crime' Leigh Newman) intentionally brands itself after the extradimensional supervillain Omega, and engages in just about every kind of criminal activity within reach, they're rumored to be based in Darwin, though smaller branches of it have cropped up in other cities along the eastern coast. The smuggling they're said to be part of doesn't have anything to do with super-tech weapons though. In fact, nothing like it has been seen in any Omega's hands.

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