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Throw The Small Ones Back (OOC)


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Notice check take 20 (rapid *1000) .06 sec = 28 (Detect water and air only) Look for people and get and idea of the general layout. also anything that would normally be eye chatting or usual(what make it different from most other buildings.)

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 The way I imagen My sences is that I can fell the shape of the air and water and so can also Discern the negatives that they create( like feeling the inside of a cup and imaging how the mold would look. Acute and accurate implies that i can do this with the same accuracy as a person with the seances of sight or touch wile analytic implies that it has greater accuracy than a feeling of sight or touch. Because i have penetrates concealment this implies that i dont need a direct line of sight so i can precise a 3d image of the shape of water and air with anything that dose not fall into those categories creating a sort of negative in the shape. I cant see into stone or rock or stone because there is no water or air inside of it to make a mold. wile I cant see colors I can tell temperature and basic atomic information(Analytic) like the make up of the atmosphere or the electrical charge in the air. if there is some sort of pollutant in the water i could tell that there is a smaller than normal percent of water in the bodies of  water but not what it as it is not water itself.   In terms of people this would mean I can see shape as well as someone who is feeling or looking at them but only if they are sounded by air or water. I could also detect the water and air in their bodies but not color. Recognizing people by gender height body shape and facial structure should be possible. Color is not possible and facial structure is probably the same as trying to recognize people by feeling  face so it would probably would be hard for me to go from picture with sight to person with detect or vise-versa. at them same time if I can see someone with my eyes and see them with detect at the same time it's not hard to equate the two.wile it may have been innately hard for me to differentiate people by shape alone with practice i feel as though it would be possible.(think of blind people reading braille)  As it is tactile anything that is phased is invisible to my detect. The way i think of it is that I can feel as if air and water is a part of my body.                 

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Okay Ari, need a Notice check for Wave-Eye to try and spot the thing he is following through the cloud of sediment that has been kicked up.

Thomas, Tempest has sensed something moving up the river, but of course, at the moment he is in the middle of a room with a number of other people (caterers and some PanStar employees).

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Using the Damage power of the Conch Wave-Making Array, targeting the Squid with an Accurate Attack(+2 Attack -2 Damage): 25. That would make for a DC25 Toughness save should it hit.


Moving to keep pace with the squid if need be.


EDIT: Cry I to thee for pardon, Thevshi! I thought the Squid, since it had done that roll, had taken its action. Should have asked first, I'm sorry.

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Hmm, thought I posted this last night.  Wave-Eye is not quite up yet Ari, so we will save that till Thomas posts for Tempest.


So Tempest is up, but clearly not quite where he can change just yet (as he is in the hallway with one of the security guards).  So I am giving you a hero point for having to deal with your secret identity issues.  Go ahead and post Thomas.

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Thomas, your post has Tempest doing a lot more than he should be able to in one round (six seconds).  He was only able to make it to the loading dock in the round.


Ari, the sediment cloud is giving partial concealment, so there is a 20% miss chance, but he is able to hit.


??? makes his toughness save with a 31, so is fine.


The squid also makes its toughness save with a 36.

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Okay, Wave-Eye is able to spot a figure down in the water just below where the squid has risen up to, it appeared to have been holding on to the squid and stayed below when it rose up.  It has something long and spearlike in its hand.


Round Two


22 Unknown figure

17 Tempest (unharmed, 2 HP)

16 Wave-Eye (unharmed, 1 HP)

8 Squid thing


The figure aims whatever is in its hand at Wave-Eye and sends off another blast of energy, this time hitting with a 22.  DC 25 toughness save for Wave-Eye.




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