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  1. Tempest (13) >Torrential Troubles(3) >Throw the small black ones(10)
  2. Fly to fight {with 10,000 mps) then change array to Blast 10(indirect 3, subtle, water + 3 accurate){28} Flight 3 {6} 50 mph Then Blast at Not squid enemy, Surprise attack. attack roll 19(RL) + 10 = 29 Damage 25 save.
  3. Tempest flew off closing the door to the car behind him. He was were a gray rainy coat and his entire body was covered in a thin layer of cloudy ice that hid hid skin He soured around the Building targeting the massive squid that was trying to bring down the building. He created a long thin spear of ice creating it behind the squid and then sent it flying towards the gargantuan Cephalopod.
  4. OK no one around. He placed the Van back into park and removed the keys. He then felt to he then reached out and began to work creating a thick fog making sure to center it off himself. Then he focused back on himself Attracting water to him. A thin layer of fluid ice coated his skin. He reached under the seat and pulled from the beneath it a plain gray rain jacket. He put it on zipping it up all the way and then pulled up the hood.
  5. Change array Mist 5 (100 feet) (15/35) Flight 10 (10,000 MPH) (20/35) 1. remove keys from car and put in pocket 2. Use mist about 50 feet to left 3 activate Ice skin 4. Put on rain jacket 5 open door 5. Head off to the fight 6. Remove mist If this takes more than one turn just let me know and just have it bleed into the next turn. I'm just putting all the actions down for the sake of sanity.
  6. Fulmen opened the car's door and enter the Van. He then press the keys in to the ignition and turned. The car came alive with a low rumble. he then turn around a started to back out. What ever was happening it seemed to have heated up. He let out a silent grown as he spotted a few security cameras in the loading dock. Why did every thing have to be recorded.
  7. Switch array to Flight 10(20/35) Water control 7( precise) (15/35) Then Search 8 + 7 = 15 1000 foot radius( The two ships) = 20 min = 1200 sec; 1200 sec/ 1000 (rapid scene) = 1.2 sec = move action. (dose penetrate concealment) Then Notice 9 + 20 = 29 : take 20 = 1 min / 1000 = less than a second = free action Then Move to StarChaser - move
  8. There was a sudden shift of polarity in the air. The warning was just enough for him to counter and reduce the force . Lighting struck him but the thin covering ice coating his skin With stood the impact. A sudden burst of realization deluged through him. The storm was alive. He looked under neath him sharp rocks were arising from the whirlpool. He was immediately Remind of a the myth of Scylla and Charybdis. One a many headed monster that Struck form above the other a Massive mouth that drank in the ocean and any thing unfortunate enough to enter its reach. It would be much essay to rescue only the crew. Also it would probably be a bad idea to mess to much with the storm again. He refocused and began to Search for the breath and the blood of the all the member of the crew on the two ships finding there whereabouts and basic vitals. Wile doing this he took in how the air flowed within the ship preconceiving the basic layout of the complex interior of the ship. While doing this he Set off and flew towards Star Chaser. He stopped next to him hovering a few feet of the deck. Getting ready to relay the findings of his search.
  9. Fulmen continued down the hall following the security guard. He watched the bizarre current still monitoring there movement. There were two things in the water. One about human size but moving to fast the other much larger. About the size of a whale but it moved differently. He studied it and then realized what it was. It moved by Sucking in water and then blasting it back out. It was a Giant squid. All the sudden the water came alive with some sort of energy from the squid. It was blasted at the small creature. He needed to get off the facilities property and soon.
  10. Int 13+4 = 17 Should I go or wait for ???
  11. What is That He thought as he inspected the source of the disturbance. He tried to get its shape and trajectory first then began to inspect it's composition. He began to walk back towards his van quickly but casually so not to draw suspicion. He had brought his rain coat in the car with him but this was not an ideal place to change. he had already spotted a large number of security cameras. If he did change here it would be easy to significantly narrow down the identity of Tempest. If he got out side he could at least fake and Arial entrance. Even that was not ideal as someone might make the connection between the ice sculpture and Tempest. He thought it unlikely that anything that happen would directly effect this building but if something out of the ordinary happened here like a cloud of mist or the sudden appearance of Tempest the security cameras were sure to be investigated.
  12. Is there some sort of flesh and blood monster under the water or in the air that's creating the storms?
  13. Nat 20, 20+12 = 32 , for saving throw Initiative 4+4 = 8
  14. Flumen Paused for a second. This is why he did not like delivering his sculptures. It sometimes brought up awkward questions. He thought about lying and saying that he just delivered them but instead deiced on being ambiguous and trying to pass off his uncomfortableness as shy modesty. "Uh, not as long as you would think. once you get the hang of sculpting it becomes a lot easier" he said grinning slightly wile rubbing the back of his head. "The food smells amazing, what is it?" he asked trying to change the topic. The smell from the carts was quite appetizing. It also help that Fulmen hadn't ate yet.
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