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Bad Medicine

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To kick off:


We are going with a slight case of convenient fortune here, with both Graft and Starchaser witnessing this event. If you witness it as your secret I.D (commuting from work) you may take 1 HP for a complication. As you need to nip off to change, or otherwise you will be hampered. 


The Knockout gas is a 40' cloud of Gas propelled by mystery men. If you enter it, its a Fort 18 Save (Stun Effect) with Sleep Extra. Its effectively Cloud Area and for now the mystery men are carpet bombing the area to make sure everyone is asleep. 


The toxic chemicals are more dangerous. This is straight caustic chemical, a Damage 5 Effect with the Secondary Effect extra, and will cause lethal damage. No civiliians are in its wake yet, but it will not be long as the chemicals are seeping out of the truck. 


Feel free to make Knowledge (Physical Sciences) rolls to get an understanding of the Chemicals in the truck as it is labelled:


DC 5: You recognise the hazard sign!

DC 10: Its a caustic chemical. 

DC 15: You understand its potency (Damage 5, lethal)

DC 20: You have an idea how to neutralise it. 

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Round 1


20 - Gasmen [5] Unharmed

16 - Graft, Unharmed, 3 HP

13 - ?

5 - Starchaser,Unhamed, 2 HP


We have the potential for civillians in the way, so HP may be awarded for that. The chemical spill is still leaking. 


Also, you may, if both parties agree, play into Grafts monstrous form complication, and have Starchaser jump to a conclusion that the alien tentacle thing is a horrible threat. This might be an error made in the heat of the moment, but if you both wish it, it can be made so and we can have a round of Starchase lashing out at Graft for an HP to both of you. As this is a sensitive issue it must be with both of you giving permission. 


In any case, the Gas men will unleash a chemical spray attack on Starchaser, as he acted first!


1d20+4=24, 1d20+4=14, 1d20+4=11, 1d20+4=20, 1d20+4=13 and despite them being rather clunky, we have one crit and one basic hit. 


The chemical spray is effectively autofire, and starchasers defence is 15 (Being generous and saying he is not flat footed!) therefore the first hit has a bonus of +4 damage, and the second one has a bonus of +2 damage. The base DC is 23 (Damage 23) and +5 for the crit of the first one. 


Starchaser therefore has two toughness saves to make! DC 31 for the first spray (yikes!) and a mere 25 for the second! a nasty surprise for the costumed hero!


Then, Graft is up!

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The Gasmen are close enough we could say you could use autofire to "run" across your targets as per autofire rules - or are you just going for one chap?


Also you have takedown attack 2 -so if going for one guy you are presumably going to carry on taking down as many as possible?

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Ok as per chat, and to be described IC, Graft earns himself an HP for some blunder, but also gets a bruise and is on his butt. 


The Gas Men are hit, with that attack roll you get full +5 Damage bonus on autofire, for a DC 30 Toughness save. 


Their toughness bonus is +9 so thats impossible to make, first Gasman is down. 


With Takedown two, you get an extra attack on the second one. As per chat, taking 10 on that for an attack roll of 20. This gets a +3 DC to damage, for a net DC of 28. 1d20+9=14 This is resolutely failed!


So, two Gasmen down. 


For Refence, Graft, Bruised, 4 HP. 


Post away IC

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Well, after initial rolls of 25 and 29 for those saves, I'll spend a HP to reroll the first one and get a... 30. So, presuming that's lethal damage, Starchaser's now bruised and injured. Presuming that that applies to the second roll, the -1 makes it a 28, so he still saves against it.

As for whether Starchaser and Graft should clash, I'd be ok with that if TK is. First though, Starchaser's going to take a shot at the Gasman who sprayed him. Since the roll was a paltry 9, I'll use the second HP to reroll it for a 23.

Since the Gasmen appear to be squishy humans, Starchaser's Pulling Punches complication is in effect. So if that hits, the toughness DC for the Gasman is 21. I'm not entirely certain how to handle the complication from there though, my thought is it can go one of two ways. If the Gasman fails his save, then Starchaser has to keep pulling his punches. If he makes it, Starchaser can either up his damage bonus by one point per round until he takes one out. Or he can conclude that their suits are evidently providing plenty of toughness, and go all out against them. Thoughts?

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Ok, so Thunder, please confirm if you would want Starchaser to react on his next turn to the mutant alien horror (you) with an attack, and hence earn you both an HP!


Back to the fight proper, Star chaser has burnt both his HP but has looked mighty and hard in doing so! The damage is non-lethal on this site by default (so presume bruised unless someone says otherwise). 


He hits the Second Gasman. How does this complication work in practice? Tis a good question! Complications usually work best as dichotomous on/off things "It happens/it does not happen" rather than mechanical deficits "My attack is at half strength". So you have a tricksy complication there, I am afraid! Anyway, let's see what we can do. The attack certainly hits!


I think the simplest thing to do, is to keep the complication a dichotomous thing. We simply narrate your punch hits, and the minion is still standing. You earn an HP, and realise that they are both extremely tough and are wearing armoured bodysuits under their overalls. You may now punch with full abandon!


Please post that attack and your amazing resilient supertoughness on the IC thread, Spider!


We will then move into


Round 2!


20 - Gasmen [3] Unharmed

16 - Graft, Bruised, 4 HP

13 - ?


5 - Starchaser, Bruised, 1 HP


Note, the Gas has now gone (it had the area cloud effect). The Toxic chemicals are still seeping away, and threatening some civillians in nearby crashed and immobile cars (which means HP are available!)

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He was hit with a faceful of chemicals!


If you want to go with that Starchaser, take it away on your next round to earn you both an HP.


As an additional note, Thunder, in good comic book fashion, you have weird green chemicals floating around your feet. If you want to play on that as having some mutagenic properties for the Graft armour, toss out ideas for complications. Strictly optional. This could be a delayed response, of course! (E.g. growing strange popping boils on your feet an hour later when trying to be stealthy...)

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Round 2!
20 - Gasmen [3] Unharmed
16 - Graft, Bruised, 4 HP
13 - ?
5 - Starchaser, Bruised, 1 HP
One Gasman will again launch a cloud of sleeping gas at the heroes and various civillians (who are all asleep anyway). 
However, the gas is a poison effect, and both Heroes (I now notice) are immune to poison! so you can walk through that gas unaffected. Sorry for making you roll previously, mebad! but you made the rolls anyway! :) Also, the gasmen clearly dont realise you are immune to poison gas!
The other two Gasmen will lumber into the Leaking Lorry and Carry out a heavy Barrel each. They are clearly pretty strong. They are also wading through the toxic chemical spill. CLearly, they are also fearless!
1d20+9=16, 1d20+9=17 They both make the saves!
Which means Graft is up!
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