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Boreas (PL10)- Totally Fallacious

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Player Name: Totally Fallacious

Character Name: Boreas

Power Level: 10 (150/151 PP)

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent PP: 1

Progress to Bronze Status: 1/30


In Brief: Weather controller moving to the city from the middle of nowhere


Alternate Identity: Mickey Day

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: Berthoud, Colorado, USA

Occupation: None, currently. Formerly worked on family farm

Affiliations: Claremont

Family: Michael Day (Father), Angie Day (Mother), Alton, Dan, Kent and Joseph Day (Brothers)




Age: 16

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown


Mickey greatly prefers casual dress, and will stick to his favorite t-shirts and denim whenever he's able, which usually results in a scruffy appearance. He won't complain about wearing his Claremont uniform when he's required to, however. His hair is a light brown, bordering on dirty-blond, and he keeps his hair cut in a very short buzz. This and staying clean-shaven are the only parts of his appearance he pays significant attention to.

As Boreas, he'll usually stick to his Claremont uniform, plus a simple yellow over-the-head mask (think Iron Fist's mask) and gloves of the same color that reach halfway up the forearm.



Boreas's powers revolve around control of weather, though they don't extend to the scale of changing the weather across the whole city. Instead, he focuses more on his immediate surroundings. He can manipulate air and water, create ice from latent moisture in the air and generate forceful blasts of various elemental energies.

Though he was able to communicate directly briefly with the source of his powers, his mysterious benefactor was surprisingly short on details. As a result, he knows very little about the exact nature of his powers. He's spent some time studying what he can find since, with little luck.



Mickey, for almost his whole life has lived in rural territory. His parents ran a sizable farm they had inherited from his father's father, and they enjoyed the simple life. They didn't live in luxury, but they made enough to live quite comfortably. Mickey didn't lack for friends in his small town. His work on the farm gave him plenty of exercise and living with four rowdy brothers made him plenty tough.


Mickey loved camping in rough wilderness, and would occasionally go off with his parents or with his older brother Joseph and simply disappear for a weekend. A few years ago, on one of these camping trips, he went off on a trek and stumbled upon what seemed be an antiquated worship site. Unable to control his curiosity, Mickey set about examining the mysterious structures when he was startled by a mysterious being made of light. The being introduced itself as a nature spirit. The spirit told Mickey that its sole duty was to make sure the Earth maintained harmony, but the spirit was, in essence, dying and needed to infuse some of its power into another being to have a chance of surviving, and since it no longer had the ability to physically leave its home which Mickey had come to, Mickey may be the final option. Mickey didn't have a chance to say yes or no before the spirit disappeared in a flash of light.


A few days later, Mickey's powers began to manifest. At first, he was unintentionally creating frost by his hand, which later evolved into consciously creating blocks of ice. Eventually, he was able to create tiny hail storms. Eventually, his control over ice grew and the ability to control water manifested, followed by air, and, more recently, bursts of electricity. When his abilities continued to grow whether he practiced them or not, Mickey came under a suspicious eye from his neighbors. Eventually, thanks to a healthy dose of gossip, every bad frost or every snow-in got blamed on him, as did every time the happened to work well for his family.


The Day family was unwilling to put up with this mistreatment. When Mickey's parents heard of Claremont Academy, they decided that the family would be moving to Freedom City and starting anew there. The family is adjusting happily to city life while Mickey searches for answers as to the nature of the mysterious spirit.



Mickey is very much a family man. He's naturally inclined to take care of his younger brothers and aid his parents whenever he's needed. On top of that, he occasionally feels personally responsible for his family having to totally alter their way of life, and intends to make it up to them in some way.


In all other matters, Mickey is very laid-back. He's light-hearted, and loves to joke around, though he'll get upset over direct insults fairly easily. While he has a definite moral code, he'll rarely understand the need to justify anything he does, typically summing it up with either "It was the right thing" or "I didn't hurt anyone."



Boreas's main combat tactic is simple: Don't let them get close. He packs a variety of distraction techniques to aid in keeping opponents from advancing too far.


He'll usually attempt to launch attacks at enemies from a distance at his first opportunity. He can attack with gusts of air, flurries of hail and ice, rushing water or bolts of electricity.


In the event an opponent does manage to close the gap, Boreas is hardly incapable of defending himself. He's knows how to fight and can defend himself readily against an opponent of his level. When striking a blow against an opponent, he's also capable of surrounding his fist or leg with a block of ice or column of swirling wind for some extra oomph.



In The Red: Mickey's family had to quite literally sell the family farm when moving to Freedom City. Finding regular work has been difficult, so Mickey must help his family in any way he can.


Temper: A holdover from his poor treatment in his hometown, Mickey is quick to fly off the handle at insults.


Secret Identity: Mickey's heard horror stories about what happens when a superhero with loved ones puts himself out in the open. He doesn't want to take any chances for just that reason.


Multiple-Choice Past: Given that Mickey is, all things considered, quite unclear on the nature of his powers himself, his inability to give a proper explanation can draw suspicion from other supers and super-related groups.



Abilities: 6+4+8+2+4+0=24 PP
Strength: 16 (+3)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 18 (+4)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 10 (+0)
Combat: 12+14=26 PP
Attack: +6
Defense: +10 (+7 Base, +3 Dodge) Flat Footed +3
Initiative: +2
Grapple: +9 (STR +3, Attack Bonus +6)
Knockback: -8
Saving Throws: 5+5+6=16 PP
Toughness: +10 (+4 CON, +6 Force Field)
Fortitude: +9 (+4 CON, +5)
Reflex: +7 (+2 DEX, +5)
Will: +8 (+2 WIS, +6)
Skills: 36r=9 PP
Handle Animal 8 (+8)
Intimidate 10(+10)
Language 1 (Spanish, Base: English)
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 4 (+5)
Ride 6 (+4)
Survival 9 (+11)
Feats: 14 PP
Accurate Attack
All-Out Attack
Dodge Focus 3
Improved Defense 2

Defensive Attack

Elusive Target

Improved Block 1

Power Attack

Takedown Attack 1

Powers: 8+12+38+2+1=61 PP
Flight 4 (100 MPH/ 1000 ft/move) [8 PP]
Force Field 6 (Descriptor: Ice, Extra: Impervious) [12 PP]
Weather Powers Array 15.5 (31PP Array, Feats: Accurate 2, Alternate Powers 5)[38 PP]
Base Power: Weather Control 8 (2500 ft, Distraction/Hamper Movement) (Extra: Independent (+0)) {30/31}
AP: Blast 10 (Feat: Variable Descriptor [Water, Cold, Air or Electricity]) {31/31}
AP: Create Object 6 (Descriptor: Ice, Feats: Progression 2, Subtle, Extra: Movable 6) {31/31}
AP: Move Object 10 (Feat: Variable Descriptor[Air or Water], Precise) {31/31}
APSnare 10 (Extra: Regenerating, Feat: Indirect) {31/31}
Immunity 2 (Cold, Heat) [2PP]
Feature 1 (Weather Sense) [1PP}
Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = 0
DC Block:
Totals: Abilities (24)+Combat (26)+Saving Throws (+16)+Skills (9)+Feats (14)+Powers (61)=150/151 PP
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1pp September
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I was worried about that, but I figured it was used in enough other places that that particular group wouldn't be the first thing to mind. If it's that big of a deal, a name is an easy thing to change.


Edit: Editted the main post! Gave him a brand spanking new hero name and applied some fixes recommended by Supercape and Ecalsneerg.

Edited by Totally Fallacious
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This all looks good to me!


The PP from powers add up to 55, but need updating! (6 + 12 + 37)


My only query is in skills - how come a 16 year old kid has 4 ranks in driving?


My only comment is that there is his complications are a little Spartan. There is nothing wrong with that, and I would be happy to approve them, its just a comment that there is actually not a lot there that a GM could bite in to - so you are aware!


EDIT - Also, his Array could do with sharpening up in the format!

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