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Monday, July 15, 8:32am


Carrie yawned as she walked into the park clad in track pants, and a light grey t-shirt. She pulled a headband out from her purse and put it in place as she got her headphones out and turned on some music. It was a nice morning, or at the very least, cool. It'd get way hotter in the day, she'd be dodging going back to the Fens which without the rest of the city's much more punctual clean up for the tourist city reeked in the summer heat with the accumulation of trash. She could probably go gathering it, but in what? Her car just wasn't big enough, and she really didn't want the smell sinking into it's apostalry. It was this thought track that went through her head, as she hummed with the music from the cheap headphones over her ears that was occupying her as she stretched out her tendons that concerned her as a youngish looking woman slipped behind her on the bench. She was to whistling the chorus when that woman made it a few paces away from the bench rather nonchalently, and halfway through the song when she suddenly turned her head and spotted said woman making off her with purse.


The young woman bolted from the spot and Carrie made after her like a rabbit. A rather slow rabbit really, Carrie wasn't a speed runner, and that woman had much longer younger legs. Carrie was at least twenty feet away when the woman rounded around the building that had the rest rooms, and by the time she got there the young woman was gone, Carrie kept running and nearly passed an older woman walking the opposite direction on the path. Something about this woman made her give pause. She turned on her heel and looked at her, there was something off here. It took her about thirty seconds to figure out what it was, the beading on the handbag, was custom, made with delicate fingers, who spent hours getting the combination right and the button that was used as the latch were very large for a handbag, giving it a cute asethic that made her glad she had used the leftover ones from her other projects when she sewed it on. Carrie's eyes narrowed and ran a few paces, keeping her stride even, but more importantly silent as she approached and with a quick pull on the shoulder snatched the loop of the bag right off the woman's arm in one smooth motion as she ran forward, only stopping a few paces ahead to check to see if there was something missing from it's contents.

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Mali turned and spotted the two women, watching as one stole the purse of another. She growled to herself. Purse snatchers, really? She was on a run, enjoying her day, and here was a purse snatcher. She ran towards the two of them.


"Hey! Give that back to her!" She shouted, taking off as fast as she could. She didn't consider that she was assessing the situation wrong, just that she saw one person steal from another. "I suggest you hand the purse back over." She said raising her fists as though to attack.

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Carrie glanced at the girl then the old woman, got rather quickly what this might of looked like, and rolled her eyes, she was not in the mood for this. She doubted she could just claim this was her purse without any proof, so she continued her rummaging for her wallet. From the weight and shape of the purse, it was still in there somewhere, just buried under the tons of things she kept in there, including the vacuum sealed solid black little package of fabric in the bottom. She moved her arm and held up the one second finger to the girl as she tried to get her hand around and pull out the wallet.

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Mali wasn't about to be dismissed by this woman. Surely the woman should recognize that she'd gotten caught. Mali ran up and took a swing at the woman, deliberately missing to make sure that her intentions were clear. She was going to take the purse, by force if she had to. That was what she made sure to communicate.

"Put that purse down, now!" She shouted. This woman was not prepared to face Mali, and certainly could not afford to ignore her.

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Carrie only looked up to hear the woosh of air from the swing of the fist that went by her face. She knew a feint when she saw one, and was not impressed,

She raised an eyebrow giving the now much closer girl a quick appraisal, she was certainly buff for a teenager, or she was someone who was buff and only appeared to be a teenager. It was hard to tell these days,

"Would you please just give me a second, I really don't need this right now."

She took a few more seconds of rummaging and managed to secure her wallet. Pulling it out, she opened the clasp and started to scan inside for something.

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It became clear, instantly, that this woman was not the thief. Why would a thief look for a wallet in the middle of being ordered to stand down? It seemed to her that she was retrieving her identification to prove that the purse belonged to her. So, she stood down, folding her arms and waiting patiently, still ready and willing to tackle her if she took off running, but willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

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Carrie eventually located her ID which she produced for the woman,
"Here, I,"
She was cut off as something caught her arm. Well more like someone, while she was holding her card, her wallet was snatched out of her hand by the person who had regained a more youthful form and was now sprinting,

Carrie started running, but didn't get a good start since speed wasn't her strong point,

"God freaking dangit."

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Mali growled and took off in a full run. Really? Really?! Shapeshifting pickpockets? How in the...nevermind. She was going to catch this person. Then she chuckled to herself. This was a perfect opportunity to push herself a bit. She'd been jogging at a solid pace, but this, this was much better.

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While Carrie wasn't that fast, Mali very nearly overran the thief at the first pass. There are people who are fast, then there are people who have trained to be fast. Even a regular pickpocket who has experience with running away can't compete with someone who really trains to run. Carrie never trained for speed, just general endurance, but Mali surpassed both of them and quickly caught up to the thief who looked back nervously at the very muscular girl closing in.

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"Look, I don't know who you are, and I don't know why you did that, but I really suggest you give that back. I have no qualms about taking it from you while you're unconscious." She said, folding her arms and flexing slightly. She hoped that her size, speed and apparent strength would dissuade the thief from conflict. Contrary to her word, Mali really did not want to beat this person up, but she was willing to, and that's all she needed.

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Unlike Mali however, Carrie had no qualms whatsoever with harming the pursesnatcher, however briefly it was. Well maybe not briefly, she was sure the woman felt it as she kneed her in the back at a full run and knocked her face first into the the ground. She likely felt it as Carrie grabbed her arms and pinned them to her back and pulled out a zip tie from her purse and bound the woman's hands as she applied her body weight to keep the woman from rising. It took less then a few seconds to do, and Carrie wasn't even breathless as she looked up at Mali,

"You want to call the cops tell them we're coming, I don't think we can leave her, she'll likely slip the tie somehow and I don't have a phone on me."

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Mali nodded and pulled her cell phone from her pocket. She never carried a full purse while on a run, but always carried a wallet with an ID, some money, and her phone.


"Sure, gimme a second." She said, gazing down at the thief. This woman, who's purse had been stolen...she knew how to handle herself in a fight. That was interesting. Of course, her movements hadn't been as practiced or sure as Mali's own, but she'd have been in a few fights. Of that she was certain.


She dialed the phone.

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Carrie carried the still someone stunned pursesnatcher in a fireman hold over her shoulder. She handed her purse off to Mali as she did so (no need to tempt the little witch), and headed down the area,

"The police station in this area isn't too far away, and if she tries running again,"
She didn't look at the girl but it was implied as she bounced her,

"I'll just have to jump on her again won't I, though you might beat me too you. You pretty dang fast."

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"I train a lot. I'm kind of a fitness nut." Mali said, shrugging. She tried her best to make sure Carrie wouldn't get suspicious. After all, how many muscular Asian teens were there in Freedom City? Though she realized that even if Carrie suspected she were a hero, there'd be absolutely no way to know which one. After all, how would she know? There were dozens of heroes in Freedom City, after all.

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"You're pretty young for a fitness nut. But then again, I was gymnastics from eight to like fourteen, so I really can't judge on age."
She turned down the path a little and started towards the park entrance.

"But then again, it's different muscle build entirely. You aren't built like a gymnist, given, your not built like anything I don't think. Just you know, built."
She stepped out onto the street,

"Remind me to be glad you didn't like, jump me when you thought I was the thief, I'm quite certain it would of likely hurt. Not very fond of getting hurt, or mugged, or robbed, in fact not fond of any of those things. But somehow it keeps happening, I think I have a target painted on me somewhere."

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"Well, I used to cover up, but I've decided it's not worth it. I'm strong and I should be proud of it. I don't get mugged, but...well..." She gestured to her arms. "Most people are afraid of mugging someone who's stronger than them. I guess that's just how it is." She shrugged.


"I didn't have any reason to attack you unless you wouldn't have cooperated. I don't like hurting people if I can avoid it." The implication in her voice was that she was more than capable of hurting people when she put her mind to it.

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"Cover up, impossible in this heat."
She put a hand over her eyes as they headed, there was some squirming, the person on their shoulder, said,

"Could you just knock me out, or put me down, you act like you're going to the freaking store."
Carrie raised an eyebrow,

"Well I could smash your head into the pavement, that'd do it, as well as give you a concussion or possible brain damage, would that be better, cause I'm happy to oblige."
That shut the woman up and Carrie didn't speak any more until they dropped the would be pickpocket at the police station with a short few minutes where she talked to the police, and gave the assertion about the woman's power. She met the girl outside again, looked at her for a few seconds.


"That's done, I guess I don't share the sediment about nonviolence. It probably has to do with the fact that I've never been very good at the words bit, and um huh,"
Carrie put a hand on her chin,

"I still don't know your name rather muscular teenage girl, I'm not sure how, and I think that we skipped a few other parts."
She held out a hand to the girl,

"My name is Caroline, Carrie for short, and no, I've never been drenched with pigs blood at the high school prom, and yes, random movie references to my names have happened, several times, because film majors or people who have read Stephan King novels all think they're original."

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