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Ripped from the Headlines!


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Somehow or another I've contrived to spend about two or three hours of every workday perusing MSN News. On occasion, I'll find something that sounds like it would make a good thread. I'm going to be using this thread to let folks know about them; feel free to fill it up with stories you've found in the news that sound like the sort of things out resident heroes would be interested in.

Ancient Egyptian statue turns on its own.

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Schooner vanishes in South Pacific.

Quite aside from the idea of being on a three hour tour that takes three years to get back to shore, this seems like an interesting situation for a PC to be in. The environment is small enough that you can't run off and change into your costume whenever there's a problem to solve, but the group is big enough for interpersonal conflict to arise.

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Ants! Ants! and more Ants!


Power outages are nothing new for superheroics.  But power outages caused by some sort of ant/insect controller?  A mixture of terrifying and exciting.  Probably Die Harding it and the power outages are a distraction to commit some sort of robbery.  Part of the fun would be PCs having to start out trapped in some way due to the electronic loss.  Perhaps in an elevator?

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