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Captain Cerise (PL12 NPC) Tier 1

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Player Name: Arichamus
Character Name: Captain Cerise
Power Level: 12 (210/210PP)
Trade-Offs: +3 Attack / -3 Damage(Swords), -3 Attack / +3 Damage(Ultra Array) +4 Defense/-4 Toughness
Unspent Power Points: 0

In Brief: Powerful heir to a mighty throne, romantic space pirate and swashbuckling thief from the Stellar Khanate come to Earth in search of adventure, riches and noses to tweak.

Alternate Identity: Prince Zanvir V of Teltross, The Star Thief, The Ultra-Man
Identity: Public
Birthplace: Royal palace of Teltross
Occupation: Space pirate, thief
Affiliations: Chaos, thieves, pirates
Family: Queen Malb XI(mother), King Zanvir IV(father), Princes Zotar, Zenrir, Zaophos(brothers)

Age: (DoB: 1905, 14th May by our calender)
Apparent Age: 30
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: High Teltrossian(green-skinned)
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 200lbs.
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Deep red

A dashingly handsome humanoid with dark green skin, lustrous curly red hair and merry golden eyes. His limbs are sinewy, but not brawny, and his well-defined frame has little excess fat. Zanvir has a broad face with a charming full-lipped smile, clean-shaven square jaw, impossibly imposing mustache and high forehead. Usually he wears bright open-chested vests and close-fitting scarlet pants tucked into thigh-high brown leather boots, a slim gray metal bracer on his wrist that can project a force field at will and thin steel bands around his biceps shaped like serpentine gamma dragons. His voice is a deep, smooth rumble that seems to curve around syllables.

Power Descriptions: Captain Cerise's powers are heralded by blazes of light, wreathing him when they're used in a fantastic light show that is always dominated by red. From his body he can fire torrents of brilliantly-colored water, unleash a hail of meteors formed from sheer force of will, throw columns of iridescent fire or turn air into a glittering, scything whirl of power.

History: The royal house of Teltross once ruled a dozen stars with tremendous power and derring-do. It took the rise of the Star Khan to bend the proud family, and they never relinquished their old glory. Prince Zanvir V, youngest son of that line, has made quite a name for himself throughout the galaxy.

Born in the midst of splendor and ease, Zanvir soon grew bored with that and began roaming the nearby worlds, endlessly searching for adventures. Despite his family's best efforts he rapidly acquired a taste for hijacking tribute ships, getting into bar brawls that leveled towns and making the lords for light years around grit their teeth just hearing his name!

At last his exploits had become a source of very real embarrassment for his family and his mother the Queen banished him from the kingdom in a rage, bodily hurling him out of the solar system. At first the prince was perfectly happy soaring through space and seeking out riches to take(though he mostly gave them back afterwards), mighty powers to strive against and beautiful aliens to take on whirlwind adventures of passion.

After a while though, he realized that something was missing; something solid, something real. He wanted something to call his own! It was a realization that struck him half-way through the magnificent party held by the magnate Iltivas, considering the best way to steal the several-hundred-ton emerald that was the pride and centerpiece of his collection. At that precise moment, Captain Silvia and the crew of the Ages Lost burst through the ceiling. To say that the sight of the smiling, confident one-armed pirate holding the needle-thin tycoon at sword-point stirred his heart is an understatement. It also provided the distraction he needed to hoist the house-sized emerald on one shoulder, warmly congratulate Stormbreaker and make his getaway.

The pair crossed paths many times after that, often trying to steal the same priceless artifacts, free the same captive royal, or make a fool of the same tyrant. Sometimes the prince even lived on her ship and helped with her bigger heists, but they never became more than especially tense friends, ready at a moment's notice to double, quadruple, or even one memorable time where they managed to sextuple cross each other. Luckily they only crossed swords a few times in their career together, and parted at last on more or less good terms, Zanvir jovially wishing her all the best as the Dragon of the Summer Breeze set off for that obscure backwater world called 'Earth'.

In the brief time they were apart, the prince hurled himself whole-heartedly into the life of a space-pirate, even capturing a fast stealth ship out from under the noses of the Lor Navy. He christened her the Celestia, after the ship he first traveled Teltross's oceans on. He's reinvented himself in those years to become the dashing and daring buccaneer known only as Captain Cerise, gathering a loyal crew from all across the major powers of the galaxy.

He's gotten bored with the fast life, however, and decided he should go see what riches Silvia's found on Earth that were worth so much trouble, and what kind of trouble he can get himself into!

Personality & Motivation:
Zanvir is confident, daring and full of vigor. Sadly these are in service to a man who has developed monumental selfishness and arrogance, an incorrigible flirt and interstellar Casanova who can barely be said to care about anyone besides himself. Captain Cerise's idea of a good time is to listen around for tales of valuable objects, take them in the most flamboyant manner possible and enrage everyone he can in the process before making a quick getaway. As Zanvir he likes to wander the planet of the year, throwing himself headlong into every kind of escapade available with an honest love of adventure and novelty. His wits are quick, but his judgement is often conspicuously lacking, especially when it comes to his choice of lovers and doing things with any kind of efficiency. He'd rather duel a worthy foe aboard a flaming wreck than make his escape if there is the least chance of both of them getting out alive. He has long lost every shred of aristocratic bearing, inhabiting the role of the rough and ready stellar swashbuckler with boundless enthusiasm.

Powers & Tactics:
If at all possible, Captain Cerise likes to create a splash at the start of a fight, some kind of showy display to make things interesting. He's more concerned with flair than efficiency, but is nonetheless a skilled fighter who uses his agility and power of getting attention to great effect. Using his Ultra Powers is something he avoids unless absolutely necessary to keep his ship or crew intact, preferring to fight people with handicaps to maximize the victory when he wins and minimize the loss when he loses.

Abilities: 10 + 10 + 4 + 6 + 0 + 10 = 40PP
Strength: 20 (+5)
Dexterity: 20 (+5)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 16 (+3)
Wisdom: 10 (+0)
Charisma: 20 (+5)

Combat: 14 + 12 = 26PP
Initiative: +13
Attack: +7 Base, +9 Ultra Array, +12 Ranged, +15 Swords
Grapple: +12, +36 with Super-Strength
Defense: +16 (+6 Base, +10 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -1/-7

Saving Throws: 6 + 7 + 6 = 19PP
Toughness: +8 (+2 Con, +6 [Force Field], +6 Impervious [Force Field])
Fortitude: +8 (+2 Con, +6)
Reflex: +12 (+5 Dex, +7)
Will: +6 (+0 Wis, +6)

Skills: 92R = 23PP
Acrobatics 5 (+10)
Bluff 11 (+16, +20 with Attractive) Skill Mastery
Computers 7 (+10)
Diplomacy 7 (+12, +16 with Attractive) Skill Mastery
Disable Device 7 (+10) Skill Mastery
Escape Artist 10 (+15)
Knowledge(Art) 2 (+5)
Knowledge(Civics) 2 (+5)
Knowledge(Galactic Lore) 2 (+5)
Knowledge(Physical Sciences) 2 (+5)
Language 3(English, Teltrossian(Native), Lor Galactic Standard, Trade Khanate)
Perform(Dance) 5 (+10)
Sleight of Hand 5 (+10)
Stealth 14 (+19) Skill Mastery
Sense Motive 10 (+10)

Feats: 42PP
Attack Focus(Ranged) 5
Attack Specialization (Swords) 4
Attack Specialization (Ultra Array) 1

Dodge Focus 10
Elusive Target
Environmental Adaption (Zero Gravity)
Equipment 9 [45EP]

Improved Initiative 2
Minion 5 (5 45-PP Space Pirates)

Skill Mastery(Bluff, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Stealth)

Celestia: 30EP
Defence 8
Size: Huge(32ft.) [2EP]
Speed: 10
Strength: 40 [2EP]
Toughness: 19 [10EP]

Defence: 8

Features= 10EP

Alarm  (DC20 Disable Device)


Hidden Compartments 3
Holding Cells
Living Quarters

Navigation System  (+5 Pilot)

Remote Control

Security System (Snare 10(force fields))

Powers = 6EP

Blast 12

Concealment 5(Normal Visual, Radio, Ultraviolet, X-ray)

Flight 10

Teleport 8(2,000 miles)

Move Object 12(Perception Range)

Space Travel 8

Blaster Pistol: Blast 5 [10EP]
Dueling Sword: Strike 1(Extras: Penetrating 1; Power Feats: Improved Critical 2 (18-20), Mighty)[5EP]

Powers: 10 + 1 + 2 + 5 + 9 + 1 + 30 = 60 PP

Device 2(10PP Device, Flaws: Hard to Lose Power Feats: Restricted 2)[10 PP]

Datalink 1(Radio, 10')[1 PP]
Force Field 6[6PP](Extras: Impervious(Limited to Energy Attacks))[9 PP]

Enhanced Feat 1(Hide in Plain Sight)

Flight 1(10MPH, 100 feet per Move Action)[2 PP]

Immunity 5(High Pressure, Radiation, Vacuum, Suffocation(Alien Atmospheres))[5 PP]

Movement Array 4(8PP Array; Power Feats: Alternate Power)[9 PP]
Base Power: Enhanced Flight 4(to rank 5; 250MPH, 2,500ft. per Move Action)[8 PP]
AP: Enhanced Space Travel 8 (to rank 9; 500c)[3 PP]

Space Travel 1(1c)[1 PP]

Ultra-Powers Array 12.5(25PP Array; Power Feats: Alternate Power 5)[30 PP]
Base Power: Blast 15(Extras: Autofire 1; Flaws: Action(Full-Round). Distracting; Power Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Homing 2, Penetrating 5, Variable Descriptor 1(Ultra Elements(Ultra-Fire, Ultra-Earth etc...))[25 PP]
AP: Illusion 8(Visual, Tactile; Power Feats: Progression 1(10' Area))[25 PP]
AP: Insubstantial 3(Coherent Cosmic Energy)[15 PP] + Enhanced Strength 0(Extras: Affects Corporeal)[10PP]
AP: Mind Reading 13 [13 PP] + Communication 10(Mental; Power Feats: Rapid, Subtle)[12 PP]
AP: Super-Strength 24(+120 to Effective Strength; Flaws: Duration(Sustained); Power Feats: Thunderclap)[25 PP]
AP: Transform 5(Energy to other Energy; Extras: Duration(Continuous); Flaws: Action(Full-Round))[25 PP]

Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP

DC Block
ATTACK         RANGE      SAVE                   EFFECT
Unharmed       Touch      DC20 Toughness(Staged) Damage(Physical)

Blast          Ranged     DC30 Toughness(Staged) Damage(Physical)

Blaster Pistol Ranged     DC20 Toughness(Staged) Damage(Physical)

Dueling Sword  Touch      DC21 Toughness(Staged) Damage(Physical)

Illusion       Perception DC18 Will              Special

Transform      Ranged     DC15 Fortitude         Altered




Totals: Abilities (40) + Combat (26) + Saving Throws (19) + Skills (23) + Feats (42) + Powers (60) - Drawbacks (0) = 210/210 Power Points

Edited by Arichamus
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  • 1 month later...

Our sincere apologies for taking so long to review this; hero sheets always get priority, so NPC sheets can sit gathering dust for a little bit sometimes. :(


Looks like the forums or your text editor ate some of your power description.


Improved Initiative grants a +4 bonus; thus, Dex +5 and Imp. Init. 2 gives a final init bonus of +13, not +10.

I calculate Knockback as -1/-7; not sure where your extra -1/-1 is coming from, though I could be missing something.


Stealth 14, with +5 Dex, is a total bonus of 19, not 20.


Looks like you're mixing-and-matching the Vehicle and HQ rules. Vehicles have Defense and Strength, but a Huge vehicle is only 16-32ft. HQs are lager (Huge: 500-1000ft), but have no Defense or Strength.


Suffocation (Alien Atmospheres). I like it.

Flight 5 costs 10pp, not 8pp. Similarly, Space Travel 4 costs 4pp, not 3pp (though since you listed 5c, which is correct for 3 ranks, I suspect this is a notation error).

I think you meant Duration (Sustained), not Action (Sustained), on your Super-Strength AP.

I'd probably weigh Energy-to-Energy as a 5pp/rank Transform - it's very, very broad, but it isn't quite anything-to-anything. You either don't need that flaw to fit your 25pp budget, or you have room for an extra.

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That is hardly something to apologize for.

Power Description completed. Forgot about it.

I misunderstood the rules of Knockback, is all. Fixed.

Skill bonus fixed.

Equipment issue fixed. Meant it has a Vehicle, adjustments made.

Powers fixed. The Array is meant to signify Flight and Space Travel's Enhanced versions. Made that clearer. Yeah, meant Duration there, not Action. Added the Duration(Continuous) Extra to Transform.

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Oh, goodness. I never saw you reply to this or Cobweb. :(


Vehicle still needs a little touching up, I'm afraid. You get some free Str and Tou from the size increase, so you're over-paying for each - Str 40 would be 2ep, Tou 19 would be 10ep.

We have a house rule restricting Improved Critical to 2 ranks, which I'm afraid your Dueling Sword exceeds.

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No worries about taking so much time Fox. You've been busy.

Vehicle changed to add ranks in Alarm, Hidden Compartments, Remote Control and Navigation System. Dropped the rank in Improved Critical and put in a rank of Penetrating in its place.

Edited by Arichamus
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Put the Powers into their own little subset. Numbered the EP spent on them.


EDIT: Aaand that's not what you meant at all. Okay, removed a rank of Equipment and put that in his very low Will save, and added the Communications Feature to his ship.

Edited by Arichamus
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