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Graft Debut Thread

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Graft, my new character, is in need of his first thread. He is an M.D. and medical researcher who owns and uses a shapeshifting Grue bioweapon as a suit of organic armor. (he doesn't know the suit is Grue yet, and probably won't for quite some time)


I'm looking for ways to bring him in. Thread ideas with other characters, perhaps. He doesn't connect himself specifically to any kind of threads, so it's pretty open as to what he can do for his first real outing.


If you have ideas for what he can do, feel free to post them. If you want to volunteer a character to join Graft on his first outing, post that too if you want.  Either way, I just want thread ideas and possible thread partners for this.

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The Meta-Grue could take Tyrone's use of a Grue weapon as an insult to his race(which he's going to rule after all) and attacks Graft at his hosptial. The alien warrior has an edge: he understands shapeshifting and the lifeform bonded to Tyrone in ways Graft still has no idea.

EDIT: Apparently this doesn't quite work, nevermind!

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