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Solar Sentinel Threads

Thunder King

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Solar Sentinel, the immortal space paragon, is in need of threads. Doesn't need to be space relevant, he's also a fire fighter. He probably has contacts from when he first got back to Earth. He can circle the entire city in less than a minute, so he could stumble across just about anyone in the city at any time. He doesn't have a preferred area of patrol, either.


Thoughts? Ideas?

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Okay I'll bite! I've got an idea for a space based story, though it's only in our back yard cosmically speaking, for Solar Sentinel and possibly a plus one.


I need to finish off a couple of thread's first, but if you want i can have something ready in a week or so.

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It's okay , I wasn't going to push :).

The basic idea I had was that an incredible powerful but totally peaceful herd of creatures who roam from system to system (after being displaced from there home by a war?) arrive in the Solar System setting up a tempory home in Saturn's atmosphere.

As is normal its in this system that someone decides to try and capture one or more of them for evil ends.

I've not worked out who yet or why, I leaning towards the aliens having some sort or reality warping powers.Or if the aliens are Intelligent, though I leaning towards whale like.

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I quite like the whole poaching angle, make a nice change from the clash or mighty galactic empire that most space thread's tend to have.


I'm thinking that the creature's have the ability to teleport over vast distance's in almost no time at all, so maybe the poacher's are trying to capture one to use as a transport a la Moya,

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"Can" doesn't mean they can do so painlessly, or without some other ill effect. Could be like an adrenaline rush in people, where it lets them go beyond their normal limits but has a lot of risks in the wild.


Moya's(and other Leviathan's) starburst for example is totally unpredictable, so the crew couldn't use it to get out of all their problems. Maybe they have a powerful bond between them that discourages them from jumping away from the herd? Or they might be tricked like any animal into fighting a battle they can't win.

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