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The Three Super-Teens! (IC)


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2013, February 28th, Wednesday, 12.05 PM

Freedom City, Bayview, Claremont Academy, Mathias Cooke Wing, Room 206B


The place was Freedom City. The year was 1965, and the dim room had just gone through one of the harrowing stories of the human race on the brink. Some of the impact was lost on the more apathetic, dead or alien students, but everyone at least kind of looked interested.


Dr. Amelia Valero clicked to the last slide, showing a faded 1960s picture of the bulky and purple Soarazon fleet roaring back into the sky, the Freedom League watching them go. The distinguished-looking woman paced forward, declaring placidly "That single stroke by Galatea and Sea-King was enough. The warlike Soarazons had never encountered mercy or forgiveness before from other races during an attack since the High Wars, and so they left Earth at once in the company of Star Knight to surrender themselves to the Lor fleet, vowing never to return." She smiled dourly "This vow has been broken at least twice before, each time on the anniversary of the attack, although each time the blockade fleet informs us that they stopped the invaders far from our system's borders. Something to think about when you go to Astronomy" she added with a faint grin.


Looking over the lines of seated students her cool brown eyes flicked up to the clock at the back of the room(catching a few furtive backwards glances with a silent rebuke) the Supers History teacher sighed almost imperceptibly for those without super-hearing and began to put back together her notes and the class textbook. "I'm afraid time's up for today, class. Tomorrow we'll start in on the latter 1960s. All Tectonic, all the time!" the answering groan from the students got a real laugh from the sturdy Latin woman "Alright, settle down, I'm joking. He was a very crucial figure though. and his exploits fighting the Vibrator are difficult to believe. Dismissed!"


In an instant the classroom burst into motion, the lights came back on and the dozens of students surged back out into the halls, most of them chatting happily to each other in small knots of friendship, handing in late papers with suitably apologetic looks to the briskly polite professor, or charging off alone to something they were already ten minutes late for, legs pumping furiously.


Six students however were called back in. "Ah, Mr. Silvestri! Sondo! Stelzer! Griffith, Andrews, Solarin!" the last three were directed at a tall and refined-looking African boy, a stocky and grumpy British girl with dark red hair, and a muscular, excited American boy with bright blue eyes and black hair. She raised an eyebrow as she scanned over a small sheet on her desk "Lot of 'S' names in my classes for some reason. Anyway, since you did so well on the last test(and I must admit, in your case I'm astounded, Mr. Stelzer) I want you all to band together and do a mini-project on alien invasions of the 1960s. It has to be at least twenty pages if written, ten minutes if a recording of some kind, otherwise you're free to do as you like! Any questions?" She asked with a warm smile.

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Darren had been mostly paying attention to the lecture, since this one thankfully had the decency to include slides, no matter how spotty and faded they'd gotten since the sixties. He'd even managed to take what he hoped was an adequate amount of notes, though he expected he'd missed a bit of the more subtle interstellar political intrigue. At the first sign class was over, he capped his pen (today's was green), closed his notebook, and slid his phone out of his pocket and navigated to a new tweet almost on muscle memory. Darren was up and nearly through the door to the hall before the sound of his name struck him.


He stopped, locked and stowed his phone, and turned to face Dr. Valero and his classmates. A glance at Subito and Elias - he liked both of them individually, so together seemed fine, too. The other three weren't nearly so familiar to him. He looked at the carpet for a moment and then up to Dr. Valero with a sheepish smile. "Thanks, but, like, I only did as well as I did 'cause I kind of looked at my sister's notes from last year since she's a total control freak perfectionist who keeps that kind of stuff around." He rocked back on his heels. "And this is worth, like, extra credit, right?"

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Elias never seemed to pay attention, but he took full advantage of his eidetic memory., glancing at the slides when changed, and listening to the lecture, but his attention was generally on a couple other things as well.  He wasn't equitable to one of the brainiacs, but he was able keep up the grades, though he generally did his studying and all of that quickly and studiously apart from everyone, not that he was rude to people like Darren or Subito, just he never made a concerted effort to add to his circle of friends.  He also never commented to or added to a discussion in unless asked.  At the mention of his name, he glanced up from his task of stuffing stuff back into his pack.


As time has progress Elias still remained a weird guy here, as what with his training, and doing hero things when he probably shouldn't be, school and his job, it was a miracle he had time for anything.  Not that he minded his plate being added to at all...  and then he was told who he would work with, and he glanced to them, his eyes narrowed.  It would seem he and Subito were always getting caught up in things.   Before he looked at the other three, examining them, scrutinizing, as was his way.  "Okay."

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Subito had been scribbling madly during the last few minutes of the lecture, eyes glued to the slides as his ears translated the words down to his hands. The handwriting was awful, but the boy's enthusiasm for everything that Freedom's heroes had done through the years more than made up for it. He'd been much slower than most of the students getting out, though on catching sight of Darren he'd brightened and begun quickening his steps, only to freeze and double-back when Amelia had called out his name. Waving cheerily at the three students he didn't know he had promptly nodded, and said brightly "Sure thing Miss Vee!" eyes lighting up as his mind raced over what they could do!


"Hmmm...questions...oh, when's it due, what Darren said, and any stuff we should focus on? Like early battles with the Grue, or that crazy guy with the helmet?"



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"The Worldlord" corrected the moody girl, a little sharply "and there are a lot of old conquerors you could describe that way Subito, so-" "Yes, thank you Gertrude" their teacher broke in with a chilled smile "Your attention to detail is admirable." Turning to the bulky Puerto Rican she ticked off her answers on her fingers Now, as for your questions Mr. Sondo: it will be due by the end of next week so plenty of time. Yes, it's extra credit, you can opt out if you wish to focus on something else, and our species' first conflict with the Grue was in 1954,  so a little off-topic right now. That and it might be be in poor taste, considering recent events" she added quietly, which got an abrupt and moody silence. The Day of last month were still being healed from.


Clearing her throat firmly, Amelia Valero went on "I would advise you stick with something like the Malfidian invasion in England, of which I understand Ms. Griffith is something of a aficionado, or that attack by the Alpha aliens in 1963 on Pyramid Plaza. Something in the 1960s, a massive attack by extraterrestrials, and put it in its proper historical context. All the rest is up to you. You already know my office hours and where to find me if you have any questions. Have a great day!" she smiled warmly at the six teens, hoisting her bag over a shoulder and stepping out into the hallway with a click of heels on the hard floor. The African boy was the first to break the silence, cheerfully offering Darren a handshake


"Pleased to meet you, I'm Marcel Solarin!" glancing after their instructor he added, making for the door "So, what shall we do to...spice up the presentation?"  he asked with a mischievous grin. Laughing heartily, the powerfully-built boy slapped Elias on the back, saying "Jared Andrews! I've got some ideas Marcel, but I bet Trudy will have the best, as usual" he looked innocently at Gertrude, who smiled for the first time. Just a little, but it was there. Marcel smiled cunningly "Let's meet at the cafeteria in three hours, and discuss tactics. See you around!" he waved back at the other trio as he, Gertrude and Jared disappeared into the crush of students.



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Aware of the slap to his back, Elias responded with as much aplomb and grace as one would except.  His telekinetic response firing off, and dissipating the force of that hand clapping between his shoulders.  Elias' personal bubble was malleable, but he saw Jared's efforts as an alpha play, a conscious invasion of space in a manner as to assert dominance.  His analysis of the act was dispassionate, as personally he didn't have his ego invested in some image of himself as a leader, or anything else.


"Three hours.  Got it."  His expression was as neutral as ever.  "We will come up with something as well.  So you are not doing all the work."  Though...  He looked to Darren and Subito and realized that someone had to step forth on their side.

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Darren's eyes flashed down to Marcel's hand and then back up to the other boy's face as he smiled. He shook the offered hand and added "Darren Stelzer, nice to meet you all, though I guess we've, like, been together for awhile now. Better late than never." After a flurry of introductions, the other three parted ways, together, and Darren found himself left standing in the classroom with Elias and Subito. He turned to face them, smile tamed to a little curve of his mouth, and tipped his head to the side in thought. His thumb dragged down his jaw.

"So, like, I'm really not much of an extra-credit Type A student and I'd rather not with this whole thing, but..." Darren bit his lip. "I only started using Anna's notes recently, so I've got like half a semester of not so great tests I need to make up for. If we just write it, that's, like, three pages each, we could do that easy."

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Giving the departing trio a quick wave Subito watched them go, saying "Seem like some great guys! Well, besides Gertrude who's a girl, I mean..you know what I mean!" he added hastily, remembering all too well what similar missteps had got him. Darren's smile was infectious even when diminished, and the muscular boy grinned eagerly as he plopped down onto a desk "You can't fool us, Darren. I've seen you, all the time workin' like an academic fiend. Three pages each seems pretty simple, yeah! Just gotta figure out what to focus on, and I bet those guys'll have tons of ideas!" Leaping back up and off the desk he set off down the hallway for the stairs "'Kay, I'm gonna go real quick and check out the library for stuff on space invasions. Got about fifteen minutes until next class, should be enough time to scan for somethin' good. I'm thinkin' the first time the Exodizers showed up and tried to con us out of Earth might be a good place to start, what d'you guys think?" He asked as he dropped in between them, beaming excitement.

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Elias frowned, and folded his arms across his chest as he glanced to them, shaking his head.  "Not a problem.  However... something...  Hmph.  Nevermind, it isn't important."  And he continued on, not dismissing his thought about the other kids, but he didn't really need to share it.  And he wasn't so stonefaced as to hide it completely.  "I think that is a good idea.  It is one that doesn't get written about too much.  I'll have a small problem not just spewing my thoughts verbatim from something I've read, and that I've read less about.  We'll see what they think..."  And he paused a bit, his lips parted, and he weighed whether continuing will be a good idea or not.


"They will want their idea to be the focal point, so I would advise that we don't become attached until we talk to them again.  Also, unless you want conflict I would counsel deferring to Marcel, or whichever of them is Alpha in their pack."

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