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This Will Do, For Now part 2 (IC)


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Saturday, February 16, 2013

11:04 PM



Megan Howell was somewhat quite as she and Kyle Conner rode the elevator in her apartment building to the thirty seventh floor.  Because of Megan's business trip to Sweden last week, which had included Valentine’s Day, the couple had gone out tonight for a belated Valentine's Day.  They had spent the last few hours having dinner and dancing at the Starlight Room, the revolving restaurant at the top of the Tremont Hotel in Midtown, which offered some of the most spectacular views of Freedom City's skyline.  It had been a very enjoyable time, despite all the chaotic emotions that were currently at war within the young woman mind.


In the month since she and Kyle has started dating, Megan had been enjoying herself, as one friend had put it, for a time she had practically been bouncing with every step.  But then, almost three weeks ago, while out as Velocity, she had met another superhero named Siphon, who had inadvertently copied her superspeed and then joined her in chasing down a Chinese street gang who were on motorcycles or using Speed.  While Megan really liked Kyle, there was something about Siphon she found so very appealing, someone that was part of the world she lived in as Velocity, AND could copy her powers and keep up with her, as she had allowed him to do when they had arranged to met up to patrol together once after that first meeting.


As if all that were not enough, during Megan's trip to Sweden, she had gotten caught up in a situation involving her ex-lover from a year ago, Lord Robert Harrow, who had come into possession of a powerful artifact.  She had also learned that in at least one possible timeline, she and Robert had been married and had a son, a son who had the ability to cause space and time collapse around him, and was driven mad by his powers.


But the blonde young woman was determined not to let all that ruin her evening, and thus far, she had done so.  Leading Kyle down the short stretch of hallway to her door, she gave him a wide smile as she opened it.  "So, welcome to my little corner of the city."  She said, stepping inside to a small foyer with hardwood floors, where she placed her small black purse and keys on a narrow table along one wall under a mirror.  After she and Kyle had hung up their coats in the closet on the left side of the foyer, Megan led him straight ahead to where there was a step down and the apartment opened up into a dark area that faintly glowed with lights from other buildings.


The living room area was a large space that ran perpendicular to the foyer, and connected to a small dining room area as well to the left.  But the rest of the details of the room were quickly overlooked, as ones eyes were naturally drawn to the left wall of the living room, and the walls of the dining room. which were all large windows, providing a amazing view of the buildings of the Wading Way outside, including the three, twisting towers of Pyramid Plaza rising up in the distance.

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Megan's apartment was certainly impressive but given her family and recent leaping up the corporate ladder, he was not terribly surprised. Impressed, very, but not surprised.  Giving a small whistle he commented, "Just going to say, your living room is bigger than my last apartment.  With enough room leftover to throw in the building's laundry."

Standing by the window, he slid one muscular arm gently around her waist.  Holding her gaze he added, "And this is certainly the best view in town."


Kyle felt strangely both at ease and incredibly stressed, his recent patrol with Velocity having kept his Hunger sated for days longer than the relief he got from 'feeding' off most of his usual targets.  And, he had to admit, the super speed was somewhat of a rush.  The fact the young woman's enhanced speed did not carry the same painful side effect as the one he had endured on Earth Victoriana helped raise his opinion however.  His tension came from the attraction he had been developing on the speedster.


But he was trying push the thoughts out of his mind and focus on enjoying his time with the beautiful woman he had just spent the few hours dancing with.  Having her so close certainly worked towards achieving that goal.

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Megan slid in closer to Kyle as he gently put his arm around her, his close presence both relaxing and exciting at the same time.  "The view was certainly a major selling point for me."  She replied.  "Well, that and the large walk in closet in the bedroom."  She then added with a grin.


Looking up into Kyle's blue eyes for a few moments, the blonde young woman then stood on her toes to kiss him as she wrapped an arm around behind his neck.  After a few moments, she lowed back down onto the heels of her shoes, still looking into his blue eyes.  "So, care for a glass of wine or cup of coffee?"  She asked.

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"Ah closet space, one thing you'll note a distinct lack of in my place.  There's a reason the local dry cleaner's is nearly a second one for about half my suits," he said with an easy grin.  "On the subject this next week's home improvement project is to assemble the closet organizer I picked up while you were out."


After melting into their kiss, Kyle head swam and it took half a second for the room to stop spinning.  Damn, now that's a kiss he thought, blinking the room back into focus.  "Coffee, please.  I have a meeting tomorrow morning with one of the graphics guys after turning in a story and I don't want to be hungover for it," he answered.


While Megan disappeared into her kitchen, Kyle slipped over to their coats and pulled a small, heart shaped box he had picked up between leaving the Stralight and getting their cab.  Huge pockets and twenty-four hour corner stores, a match made in heavan.  When she returned, the box sat on her coffee table.  "Until recently, this was my favorite part of Valentine's, discount chocolate afterwards.  Now I get to share the tradition," he said as she sat down.

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Now that Kyle was able to focus a bit more on large living room and its décor.  The section of the room closest to the large windows contained two large black leather couches arranged around a glass top coffee table.  One had its back towards the interior wall of the living room, the served to separate the dining room area, and faced the wall that ran from where the foyer connected to the room and the wall of windows.  Along that strip of wall, Megan had placed several low book cases, which had few books on their shelves, along with several small sculptures and vases.  One of the book shelves contained a blueray player along with other home entertainment components.  A large flat screen TV was mounted up on the wall above the bookshelves.


Along the interior wall of the living room, between one of the entrances to the kitchen area and the foyer, had been turned into a small office area.  There was a long table on which Megan had her laptop, printer along with some other well organized office supplies.  There was also a pair of low bookshelves.  There were a number of paintings and other artwork throughout the room as well.


Megan made her way out of the kitchen with a pair of coffee mugs with fresh coffee made in her high end espresso maker.  Setting them down in front of her and Kyle, she sat down right next to him on the leather couch.  "Hmm, discount chocolate.  I guess some good came from having to delay Valentine’s Day."  She said with a wide grin as she took one of the sweets from the box Kyle had set out.  "So what is you favorite part now?"  She then asked, raising one eyebrow slightly.

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He unbottoned his shirt's cuffs and rolled them up, revealing the armband of Celtic knotwork that encircled his entire forearm just below his right elbow before scooting closer.  "My favorite part," he said with a theatrically exagurated moment of thought, "Would certainly have to have been the part of the night where I spent it dancing with a smart, beautiful woman who puts up with the fact my dancing skills leave much to be desired."  Taking his mug of steaming coffee he sipped the dark brew of caffinated goodness before setting it down, "It's just something that can't be beat."  Taking a bit of initiative he leaned in to give her a tender kiss, enjoying the taste of coffee and chocolate on her breath.


Breaking away, he took a minute to look around and take in the room's decor.  "I love what you've done with the place.  Your bit of office space however is just completely alien to me.  Maybe it's the lack of empty Red Bull bottles and the fact everything is perfectly organized."

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For Megan, the tender kiss from Kyle seemed to stretch on for considerably longer than it actually lasted, the young blonde reaching up to put one hand gently on Kyle's shoulder.  When he sat back up, she gave a wide smile.  "You're not that bad."  She replied, a playful teasing in her voice.  "But really dancing with someone that is talented can be fun, but I certainly believe that who you are dancing with can make just as much difference as to how enjoyable it is."


Megan’s smile remained in place as she looked about the room as Kyle commented on it and laughing at his comment about her office space.  "Thank you.  My mom and I probably went a little bit overboard on some of the décor.  But then, other than my dorm rooms at Yale, this is my first apartment.  And as for my office space, well, you should see my office at Summit.  But luckily a lot of what I do involves spreadsheets and other computer documents, so kind of easy to keep things neat.  Besides, if I spent as much time at my desk here as you do at yours, it might look more like yours."


Pausing a moment, she stretched up and gave him another brief kiss.  "I'll be right back."  She stated as she pulled back slightly, her face hovering near his.  She then got up and made her way back towards the entryway and the small hallway that led off to the side of the foyer.


A few minutes later, as Kyle was taking some sips of his coffee and regarding the apartment’s view of the Wading Way skyline, he heard Megan’s voice behind him.  "Hey football star!"  Turning around, Kyle saw Megan standing just at the entrance to the foyer from the living room wearing the familiar red and black North Bay Academy cheerleading uniform.  The blonde young woman had stuck a cheerleading pose, with one knee lifted up even with her hip and one arm off at an angle above her head, her other arm bent out to the side with her hand on her hip.  She smiled widely.  "Told you it still fit."

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"You have a valid point in the how vs who debate," Kyle replied, "Given that I haven't enjoyed dancing as much as I did tonight in a long time."


Glancing back at her bit of work space he nodded, "One evening I'm going to have to take get some supplies, a sherpa, and a climbing pick to climb mount Office Space.  If you don't hear from me for a week, send help.  I'll probably be stuck under an avalanche of energy drinks."


After Megan had vanished, the former football player looked down at his hands, honestly surprised his Hunger had not stirred tonight.  Am I gaining more control or are freely offered feedings somehow more effective?  Either way, something to look into.  And I should ask Vel if she's had any lingering effects after that second ti- Megans call disrupted his internal monologue and once he saw her outfit; any thoughts of Velocity or trying to study his powers further rushed from his mind at nearly matching speed.


"Uh, wow...," was all he could manage for a second before moving closer.  "Certainly the best I've ever seen of those unifroms."

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The look on Kyle's face told Megan the uniform had had the desired effect. Ever since Kyle had admitted to wondering if she still had the old uniform, Megan had figured that if their relationship continued as it had been, at some point she would have to dig it out.

The blonde almost had a skip to her step as she moved across the living room to take her seat next to Kyle once more. A part of her mind was telling her that she should still be taking things slow and trying to sort out all the feelings that had come up with Siphon and seeing Robert again, not to mention the revelation that she at least had the potential to bear a child with powers that could threaten to destroy reality. But right now, the young woman was ignoring those thoughts.

Megan smiled at Kyle's comment as he moved closer to her on the couch. "Hmm, that's probably because you usually only saw them across the field on the one day a year you played against North Bay." She offered. "You know, the days your team would totally crush us."

The blonde young woman leaned in against Kyle, her face stopping just in front of his as her blue eyes looked into his own. "But don't worry, I won't hold that against you." She added in a breathy voice.

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The reporter turned power-mimick lay awake, trying to sort out just how he felt about both the woman in his arms and the brunette who had been the first metahuman to offer her powers freely. He knew next to nothing about Velocity but was attracted to the idea of trying a relationship with a woman he could share the masked side of his life with. But Megan..., he had never dated anyone as smart and pretty as her.

Kyle glanced over a mess of disheveled blonde hair to look at Megan's nightstand and saw her alarm read half past midnight. After their recent activities, he would normally be asleep but his mind kept racing.

Next time we meet up for a patrol, Velocity and I need to have a long talk... he thought as he held himself closer to his sleeping girlfriend. And I should probably come clean about my powers to Megan he thought, his Hunger starting the weak rumblings of demanding satisfaction.

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