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Towers Powers (OOC)


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For info: Coby Towers, after much legal wrangling, was let off prison sentence as he didn't actually commit any murder or otherwise. He was however classes as a minor mutant (the ability to tolerate and conceal any drug in his system), and is banned from professional sports.

Further info, is a Knowledge (Current Affairs) Roll. Untrained for you guys.

DC 15

Coby's career is over, nobody will touch him at the moment.

DC 20

He has tried to reclaim his fame with "Just say no to drugs" campaigns and confessionals, with limited success. Everything indicates he is desperate for the spotlight...

DC 25

Despite his considerable failings, he is wealthy. However there is talk of legal wranglings to claw back the money he made in sport through cheating. In other words, his fortune is at risk!

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So Azuth, how do you want to start this one off? Were Kristin and Jen having a date-night only to be interrupted when they somehow see the sign (on the news or by looking at the sky)? Or perhaps already suited up and out on patrol?

Edit: Ooh Supercape, while I remember, Kristin is soon to be getting a beatdown in "Divine Theft" at the hands (lots of hands) of a villain that Ari has created specifically for that purpose. That thread is "late January" which means that this one is only going to be a few weeks afterwards. Kristin may still be feeling the effects of having been kicked around so feel free to sneak that in as a complication if you find a fun spot for it! :D

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Good idea Scuffs. I am going to leave this to your discretion. If you want to have a lingering injury from that previous thread then thats worth an HP for sure.

If you are going for that, please give it a descriptor or something! Something like an injury and bruise that wont heal up (i.e. you are at -1 toughness this thread), or a sprained wrist or ankle giving a penalty to something or other. Its your call. Again, its optional. If you want to just say "She is a bit battered" for fluff but no penalty (and no HP!) thats fine too.

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I was going to leave it up to you to pick a time for injuries to bother Glow - like "Whoops, Glow misses her move action this turn" or "Whoops, that's a crit even though it wasn't a 20" or something along those lines. But starting with a bruise or two would make sense too! I'm game for either really.

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Hi Supercape.. looks like Azuth is out of commission. He hasn't replied to my PM. Do you want to change the initial setup or just have Glow find out that Silver Spider is in the middle of foiling some other criminal's plan and that she'll just have to go it alone for now?

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When mentioned in Chat, she seemed okay with it.  And Jen's entrance can be made easy enough, she's webslinging around and notices both the giant green G and a streak of green light heading for it.  Thus, follow given how many people Silver Spider knows who have that aura (that would be one).

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