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Power Level: 12/15 (233/250 PP) [252]
Trade-Offs: Unarmed: -3 damage/+3 attack; Cone of Water: -2 damage/+2 attack
Unspent Power Points: 17

In Brief: Asian water controller on the run from her criminal family.

Alternate Identity: Giang Trang; Xian Lou Khan
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Claremont Academy Alums, Unofficial Seafaring Heroes coalition (Glamazon & Temperance)
Family: Kong Zi Khan (father); mother unknown; four half-siblings

Apparent Age: 22 (DOB: 10/4/1995)
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 102 lbs
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Black

Giang has a light build and is very petite, standing about 5' 3" and weighing a little over a hundred pounds. She has shoulder length black hair that is usually worn in a ponytail and light brown eyes. She has a somewhat youthful beauty.

Growing up in Vietnam, she wore rather plain clothing. Since being relocated to Freedom City, she has been provided more typical American teen clothing, though she tends to stick with nondescript and functional attire. She has not yet selected a costume for superheroics.

Though not regularly visible, Giang has a series of >tattoos that cover much of her upper back. In the center is the I Ching trigram for water, Kan. Four pinyin characters are arranged around the trigram. Directly above the trigram is Shui, the pinyin character for Water. To the left and right are the pinyin characters for the two Celestial stems associated with Shui, ren and gui. Directly below the trigram is the pinyin character for Xuan Wu, the Black Tortoise, the Celestial creature associated with Shui. Arranged around these central tattoos are the seven pinyin characters for the seven “mansions†(or Chinese constellations) associated with Xuan Wu. Giang has had these tattoos for as long as she can remember, and they have remained clear and precise as if they were freshly applied.

Power Descriptions:

Giang has the ability to control water. In addition to being able to move up to 50 tons of water, she can project powerful blasts of water, create objects of "solid" water and even dehydrate people by removing water from their bodies. She is also able to breathe underwater and survive the cold and extreme pressure of the ocean depths.

Water Control Giang's ability to control water is subtle, only visible to those with Magic or Mental supersenses.

Forcefield Giang's forcefield is a shimmering sheen of water that covers her.

Friction Control Giang covers an area in a sheen of very slippery water.

Create Object (solid water) Giang is able to create objects formed from water. The objects are very clearly made of water, but they are solid enough to stand or sit on, and touching them does not disturb their smooth surface.


Giang grew up in a small remote village on the banks of the Dan river in the northern part of Vietnam, though she often felt that she and her parents were somewhat out of place in the village. While most of the villagers' lives involved the constant toil of farming, her parents did not seem to do any work, and had a much larger home than the rest of the village. In addition, while she learned to speak Vietnamese, along with English and Cantonese, the primary language spoken in her family's home was Mandarin.

Giang's parents kept her generally isolated from the other children in the village. Instead, her life was a regimented series of private lessons and training. In addition to her language training, she studied the works of Sun Tuz, the history of China and Southeast Asia (with particular focus on the history and tactics of Genghis Khan), as well as the teachings of Confucius, Buddhism and Taoism. She received martial arts training in Vovinam (the national martial art of Vietnam) and Wushu. When her abilities to control water emerged during adolescence, her training helped to provide her focus and control of her powers.

Shortly after her seventeenth birthday, Giang's parents took her out of the village, and Vietnam, for the first time. They traveled to Hong Kong, where Giang was introduced to a man who claimed to be her true father, Kong Zi Khan. Kong Zi told her that their family were descendants of Genghis Khan, settling in China during the Yuan Dynasty established by Kublai Khan. After the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the family's fortunes had waxed and waned, at times they were advisors to emperors, at others outcasts and members of the criminal underworld.

In the early part of the twentieth century, her great-grandfather had been the head of a major criminal organization in southern China. When Dr. Sin began his rise to power, Yu Qian Khan choose to voluntarily join the Doctor's organization, becoming one of his chief lieutenants. The family's service to Dr. Sin continued over the next ninety years. However, the family never forgot their own aspirations or desire for power.

Kong Zi informed Giang that she was part of the family's plans to recover its former glory. Giang and her four older half-siblings represented the five phases (or elements) of the Wu Xing: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Now that Giang was old enough to join her half-siblings, together they would be a formidable force to advance the family’s ambitions.

Giang, or Xian Lou Khan as Kong Zi addressed her, was shocked by these revelations. Not only had she learned that the Trangs were not her parents, instead merely Kong Zi's operatives tasked with raising her, but her "father's" ambitions and goals were counter to much of what the teenager had internalized during her years of training. While she knew she should respect her elders, she did not want to be part of any plans for conquest or criminal activity.

Initially playing the role of the submissive daughter, Giang was soon able to escape from Kong Zi. She managed to stow away aboard a cargo ship bound for Singapore, where she managed to survive on the streets for a number of weeks.

Eventually, some of Kong Zi's other operatives caught up with her. Giang attempted to escape again, and fortunately, Raven intervened helping to defeat Kong Zi's men. After hearing Giang's story, Raven was suspicious, not entirely certain this was not part of some plot by Dr. Sin. However, Raven ultimately decided she could not just leave the teenager to survive on her own and took Giang back to Freedom City with her. While neither Raven nor Headmaster Summers fully trust Giang, they placed her at Claremont to give her a chance to prove herself, and allow them to keep a close eye on her.

Personality & Motivation:

Giang generally projects a calm and thoughtful demeanor. Years of meditation and study have taught her to be centered and focused. She seeks to follow the main principle of Vovinam, expressed by the common salutation for its students: “Iron Hand over benevolent heart,†striving to better herself and her control of her powers in order to not only help herself, but also be able to help others live in peace and harmony.

Powers & Tactics:

Giang often concentrates on fighting defensively initially, providing her an opportunity to study the situation. She will then use her various powers as appropriate to the circumstances.

Family Legacy: Giang's family has a long history as part of the Asian criminal underworld. There are many who could be aware of some of her family's activities, or alleged activities, and be hesitant to trust her because of that.
Wayward Daughter: Giang has rejected and fled from her father and family. They would very much like to find her and attempt to bring her back into the fold.
It is Just Business: Dr. Sin has often allowed some degree of in-fighting between his key lieutenants, both to help keep them from plotting against him and to weed out those unworthy to serve him. As such, some of the Dr's other lieutenants could see capturing Giang as a way to gain leverage against her father, or a way to weaken him if they were to kill her.
The Doctor is in: There is always the possibility that Dr. Sin might take an interest in Giang, either to determine what her father has been up to, or for reasons entirely his own.

Abilities: 6 + 10 + 8 + 4 + 10 + 6 = 44PP
Strength: 16 (+3)
Dexterity: 20 (+5)
Constitution: 18 (+4)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 20 (+5)
Charisma: 16 (+3)

Combat: 16 + 16 = 32PP
Initiative: +4/ +12 with Kn: Tactics
Attack: +8; +15 Melee; +12 Blast; +12 Dehydrate; +14 Cone of Water
Grapple: +18
Defense: +12 (+8 base +4 Dodge Focus)(+4 flat-footed)
Knockback: -5/ -3 w/o Forcefield

Saving Throws: 5 + 7 + 6 = 18PP
Toughness: +12 (+4 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +6 Forcefield)
Fortitude: +9 (+4 Con, +5)
Reflex: +12 (+5 Dex, +7)
Will: +11 (+5 Wis, +6)

Skills: 124R = 31PP
Acrobatics 10 (+15, SM)
Climb 7 (+10)
Concentration 8 (+13)
Drive 5 (+10)
Kn: History 6 (+8)
Kn: Earth Sciences 8 (+10)
Kn: Tactics 10 (+12)
Kn: Philosophy and Religion 8 (+10)
Kn: Streetwise 3 (+5)
Languages 5: (Mandarin native): English, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Atlantean
Medicine 1 (+6, SM)
Notice 10 (+15)
Search 4 (+6)
Sense Motive 16 (+21, SM)
Stealth 10 (+15, SM)
Survival 5 (+10)
Swimming 8 (+11)

Feats: 24 PP
Attack Focus: Melee 7
Benefit (use Kn: Tactics for Initiative Checks)
Defensive Attack
Defensive Roll
Dodge Focus 4
Environmental Adaptation (Water)
Improved Block

Improved Throw
Improved Trip
Luck 2
Move By Action
Power Attack

Skill Mastery (Acrobatics; Medicine; Sense Motive; Stealth)

Powers: 9 + 13 + 9 + 6 + 2 + 40 + 8 = 87 PP
Supersense Detect: Water (mental) (Ranged, Accurate, Analytical, Acute, Extended, Radius) [9PP]

Immunity 13 (All water effects; Aging, Pressure; Cold environmental condition) [13PP]

Swimming 8 [500 MPH] (Feats Alternate Power 1)[9PP]

Flight 5 [250 MPH] (Flaw: Platform (water spout) {5/8}

Forcefield 6 [6PP]

Super Movement (Water Walking) [2PP]

Water Phase of the Wu Xing 17 (34 PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 6) [40PP]

BP: Water Control 16 [Able to move up to 800 tons of water as heavy load] (Feats: Subtle; Precise) {34/34}
AP: Blast 12 (Extras: Penetrating 2; Feats: Knockback 2; Accurate 2; Homing; Precise; Improved Critical 2 [18-20]) {34/34}
AP: Dehydration Damage 10 (Extras: Ranged; Alt Save: Fortitude; Feats: Accurate 2) {32/34}
AP: Create Object (solid water) 14 (Feat: Precise) {29/34}
AP: Trip 11 (Extras: Area [General, Burst, 50' radius]; Selective) {33/34}
AP: Cone of Water (Blast) 10 (Extras: Targeted Area [Cone ]; Selective; Flaws: 0 Range; Feats: Accurate 3, Precise, Improved Critical 1 [19-20]) {34/34}
AP: Time Stop 4 (20' radius) (Extras: Selective; Flaws: 0 Range; Feats: Progression: Area 2 (100' radius)) {30/34}



Martial Arts Training (7 PP array; 1 Alt Power) [Martial Arts, Training] [8 PP]

BP: Strike 4 (Feat: Mighty; Improved Critical 2 [18-20]) {7/7}

AP: Trip 10 (Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Trip) [18=20]; Flaw: Touch Range) {7/7}

Drawbacks: -3 PP
Vulnerable: Earth/Rock Effects (Common/Mod +50%) [-3PP]

DC Block





ATTACK              RANGE       SAVE          EFFECT
Unarmed (normal)    Touch       17/Toughness  Bludgeoning Damage
Blast               Range       27/Toughness  Damage (Water)
Dehydration         Range       25/Fortitude  Damage (Dehydration)
Friction Control    Range       20/Reflex     Trip 




Totals: Abilities (44) + Combat (32) + Saving Throws (18) + Skills (31) + Feats (24) + Powers (87) - Drawbacks (3) = 233/250 Power Points

Edited by Fox
+1pp for March 2020
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Ok, so...


This all looks good to me. I would comment that a lot of the complications essentially boil down to the same thing (i.e. beef with Dr. Sin et al). If you want to subdivide them thats fine, but for me it looks a bit granular. You may get more fun out of adding a few more ones with a different flavour, you may not. E.g. She might need a tiny drop of water to do all her powers, be it a tear, a raindrop, or a cup of tea (thats just off my head).

You could do with a bit of description about what the powers look like, given that some are subtle. What does the force field look like, for instance (a swirling plane of water around her?), and the "solid water"?

Crunch - just a few points of format:

Attributes add up to 36 PP, not 32 PP as you annotate (although at the bottom of sheet its 36 PP)

No need to have the Equipment line in, as she has none.

Water Control Syntax needs correcting

Friction Control - can you explain what this is, and annotate it, as the base power?

Overall this looks pretty solid to me, just a few tidy up points!

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Thanks for the comments Supercape. :)

Fluff stuff:

I can understand your view on some of her complications, but she does not have any issue with Dr. Sin or any of his other lieutenants (not any more than any other hero that is). Certainly Dr. Sin is the linking factor in those complications, but they represent why different individuals/groups might come after Giang, and for different reasons. I can probably think about some more complications to add, though, I still haven’t come up with any really good new ones for Velocity yet. :)

The thought about having her need water, I did consider this as a complication. But as I reworked things regarding her background and thought more about her powers (and those of her half-siblings), I decided against it. She certainly needs water for her Water Control base power (as she can currently control up to 50 tons of water), but I did not think that was worth a complication. I’ll think about it a bit more and maybe say she needs at least a tiny bit of water to serve as the medium for using her other powers.

I will add a bit more descriptions of some of her powers. Currently, only Water Control is subtle (as it is just Move Object by another name (with a limitation of only water) and that power is explicitly NOT subtle (ie involving things like big glowing hands or something that is very apparent that something is moving the object)). The forcefield is indeed a swirling sheen of water that surrounds her (not subtle at all). I will work on the “solid†water as well.

Crunch stuff:

Not sure how I missed correcting the Attribute total up top, I will fix that.

I will take out the Equipment line.

I will fix the Water Control coding stuff, and, Water Control is actually the base power of the array, not Friction Control, and I will work on the array to make that more clear.

As for Friction Control, it is the power by the same name. How it works for her, she covers the area in question with a slippery sheen of water, and anyone inside the area must make a Reflex save of be tripped as described in the Friction Control power.

I have made all the crunch corrections, and many of the fluff ones.

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All good to me. My point about Fruction control is its probably more handy to notate it as a trip power with area extra etc than friction control as it saves people looking it up! Its fine either way.

I did add some discription to the power indicating it was a trip effect triggering a Reflex save. Also added it to her DC Block at the bottom of the character sheet. :)

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