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The Midnight Society Holiday Party (OOC)


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The OCC for this thread.

I have used the Midnight Society (from the FC book) in a number of prior posts with Velocity, the first being this thread.

The IC is generally open, but characters would need to have reason to be a member of (or invited to) the Midnight Society, a private club that is described in the FC Book as having many of the city’s (and to an extent the country’s) wealthiest and most powerful individuals as members.

Also, below are images of Megan’s dress (by Herve Leger).

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Along the lines of Angus’ question to Kristin IC, I have one I had been hoping to talk with you about in chat, but have not been able to catch you when you are on.

Megan has the Well Informed feat (as does Asad), which allows her to make a free Gather Information check when she meets someone to see what she might know about them. In this instance I will just Take 10, for a Gather Info check of 22. I have not been able to find any sort of reputation chart for Kristin/Glow, so what do you feel Megan would know about Kristin with that result?

Thanks. :D

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I really should get to doing a rep table. I'm so slack.

Megan would definitely know that Kristin's telekinetic, that's pretty much a given. If she's inclined to watch such things she's probably seen the video of her accidental first power use. She would also know that Kristin attends Claremont and that she moved to the states so that she could have access to more people who could help her control and prevent unintended use of her telekinesis. And that Kristin semi-regularly visits the Lab for assessment.

She would know that Jack Jackson prints unflattering things about her all the time. She would also know that Jackson has accused Kristin of being the Superheroine Glow and provided a load of circumstantial evidence to back up that theory but no actual hard proof. Kristin naturally flat out denies this and and points out that Glow is far far more powerful than she is despite the vague similarity between their abilities.

Oh and she's dating Jennifer. Surprise! :o

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