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Monster in the sewers!


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October 3rd:

The corpses of two unidentified men were found early this morning, stuck in the intake for one of the sewage treatment plants. Cause of death remains unknown at this time.

October 5th:

The unknown men found in the sewer have been confirmed as two local homeless men, autopsies have shown unknown chemicals in their blood and they died from either the toxins in their systems or blood loss caused by deep claw marks. Both victims also appear to have bite marks matching the approximate size and shape of a human mouth.

October 12th: A Freedom City Sanitation worker was admitted to McNider Memorial Hospital claiming to have been attacked by an unidentified assailant. His blood work shows similar toxins in his blood and a four-clawed gash is running across his back.

-Excerpt from Freedom City Police Department files.

Okay, as you've just read, something has taken up residence in the sewers and abandoned tunnels beneath our fair city. Who wants to coordinate with the STAR Squad to go in and find the beast responsible for these attacks?

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