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Cheesetopia (OOC)

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Fleur hears a distant gunshot at the sheriff's words, echoing over the hill from the direction of the building complex a couple of miles away that's been pointed out to her as the Reed Dairy. That's not too weird; this is a rural area and people do have a lot more guns than in Freedom City. But then she hears another one, this time a different sound: a shotgun blast. Then another.


You distinctly see a big, overstuffed rural family climbing its way out of an overmatched sports car with out of town plates, smiling and laughing as if nothing's out of the ordinary.

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Actually, HG, with a General Area effect like the cone, you hit as many of them as fail their Reflex saves! And since they're minions, none of them can make it. Since your Area isn't selective, though, i'll say you can only hit six of the first wave of twelve attacking mind-controlled cops, since otherwise you'd risk hitting the building. (Normally we roll these things out, but I'm not going to make a PL 10 character roll vs. a bunch of PL 3 barely bystanders). Go ahead and post IC!

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Teagan's going to take a move action to surround herself with squishy humans, and then start punching.

She'll use Power Attack -2/+2, and take 10 for an attack 'roll' of 17 (10 +9 unarmed -2 power attack). DC24 Toughness until somebody makes a save or she runs out of folks to punch.

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