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Here Comes A New Challenger! (thread idea)


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Player 2 is a villain who can suck people into realistic video game style simulations. He uses these to trap heroes because... he's evil? Well, sort of like Lawful Evil with some Lawful Neutral tendencies. He believes in not cheating and playing The Game. He's also not a "psycho", he doesn't kill or go after heroes personally. He just uses his powers to commit robberies it seems.

So I ask of you, my fellow heroes, who wants to be sucked into a video game? Pac-Man? Halo? Darksiders II? Super Mario Brothers 2?

I'll be taking up to two or three characters. May character will be two or three if those spaces aren't filled. Any interest?

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Jubatus would be excellent for a "live" version of Robotron 2084—he'll need every bit of speed he's got in order to avoid getting fried by the robots, and since they are robots, he could cut loose in a way that he's never been able to (or wanted to) when dealing with living opponents.

If Player 2 is a non-homicidal villain who's strictly in it for the money, the sucked-into-a-videogame thing could be how he keeps heroes out of his way while he's grabbing his loot?

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I can see both Silver and Wisp getting stuck in a couple games.

"Hello and welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center," the feminine, if robotic, voice said coming from a small speaker on the desk. Jennifer just looked around her apparently glass-walled holding cell and as recognition dawned on her from watching her little brother's gaming habits, she felt nothing but dread in the pit of her stomach.

'Aperture Science', Jen thought to herself, Oh this is going to be a terrible day.

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My reason for absence

OK, the idea i had was going to be three stages. One an 80s game, the next a 90s game and then a 00s game (though he's a nostalgic chap so maybe 00s, 90s then 80s?). I want a maze game, a race game and puzzle game.

00s Portal (perfect blend of all three types)

90s Mario Kart (race, everyone gets a kart, except for speed kitty :P)

80s Pac-Man (maze, you will be the ghosts chasing him down)

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It's a swarm of bees. X hundred (thousand?) of them alight on the steering wheel, grab on with all six legs, and buzz their wings to provide sufficient thrust to turn the wheel. An analogous solution should work for the acceleration pedal.

That's actually pretty much what I planned to do. It still seems rather cartoonish to me. It'll probably fit the mario-cart theme of the level though.

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