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Ants among the Flowers(OOC)


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Surprisingly, Myrmidon can't see any security systems in the elevator. Apparently Whoever made this place thought the hallway was all the preliminary precautions they needed.

More ominously, he can't see any kind of escape hatch accessible from the inside.

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There is a ladder in a slightly recessed channel at a diagonal to the elevator that runs up and down the elevator shaft.

About every twenty feet there is a vent that could be crawled into by an average adult human, with a little room to spare. So far there have been three of them.

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In accordance with a conversation in Chat, lethal force is permitted on SHADOW clones encountered here. Please don't get graphic, unnecessary though that request is.

(19:15:55) Semi-Autogyro: (whispers) Hey Ari, I have something we need to discuss in the ants thread. Would you be opposed to Myrmidon using lethal damage on the SHADOW troopers?

(19:17:21) Arichamus: (whispers to Semi-Autogyro) Let's hear the reason first.

(19:19:44) Semi-Autogyro: (whispers) Well, due to his history with SHADOW he knows that they are little more than programmed meat puppets. They aren't human. They blindly follow orders, with no fear of their termination. Myrmidon doens't quantify them free-willed beings.

(19:21:23) Semi-Autogyro: (whispers) Can't make them surrender either, the'll self-terminate to prevent interrogation.

(19:22:26) Arichamus: (whispers to Semi-Autogyro) Alright, that sounds very reasonable to me. I'll post OOC to keep it on record that it's open season on SHADOW Clones not named John Smith.

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Alright, two things here. One, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you guys are going to take ten on your Stealth rolls to follow without being seen?

Second, Semi wants to know what Myrmidon would know about the kind of magic used by SHADOW folks, which is a good question. The book just says 'ancient Teutonic magic', which could mean a lot. I'm going to go with his focus being a ritualistic brand of sorcery based on runes, maybe with some Hermetic philosophy along for the ride with his original Egyptian beliefs. As a result, the Quaestor here has similar interests. The finer details are of course lost on John.

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