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Girl's Night Out


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So Blue Jay's Claremont intro thread is coming to a close, I think. The next step, as I see it, is to show her around town! :D I was thinking Jay, Blod, and Tiger go out for some fun on the town and run into some fools that need to be taught a lesson; perhaps some folks from New Freedom like was being batted around in chat that one day.

King's mentioned that he'd like to have a thread where some folks visit Mali at home, so we could start it there. Would be interesting to see how Jay interacts with a 'normal' family.

King? Tiff? Any thoughts on this?

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Rav and TK have okayed Kit butting in on this expedition. Particularly, the night on the town. If you're not cool with that, Tiff, just lemme know.

As for the fools that need to be taught a lesson? Perhaps something more subtle would fit the tone better. Not outright villainy, but some low-end rogue talents using their gifts to cause mischief?

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