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High Towers (OOC)


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I've given some info IC but feel free to make knowledge (Popular Culture) Checks.

DC 5: Coby Towers plays basketball.

DC 10: All the info as in IC post.

DC 15:

Coby Towers has been specifically, and repeatedly, accused of using Zoom and Max, several doctors testifying he shows all the signs of using these drugs. However, he had always come up completely clean in testing, and remains a sports hero, with his supporters crying conspiracy against him.

DC 20: (Trained only)

Coby Towers has had a few financial worries recently, apparently he has spent half his fortune in the past year, and has had to do some tacky sponsorship deals. He was always a very gifted basketball player, but everybody said over the last year he has become something quite exceptional.

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1d20+5 = 7 double yay!

Just say Glow knows the DC10 (as per IC) post, Scuffles. GM overruling as it doesn't really make sense for Glow, a sports mad youngster with actual skill in Knowledge (Public) Events to not know about Coby Towers. If you want to be formal, just say its a +5 situational bonus I should have given her! :D

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