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The Devil Shovels Coal (OOC)

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Using the field battle rules for 30 Omegadrones:


The mystery guest in the ship will _not_ be rolling initiative.

These guys should go down pretty OK.

Attack: +6

DMG: +10

DEF: +7

TOU: +6

Init: +6

Gabriel: 21

GK: 14

Fleur de Joie: 13

Bowman will not be rolling; he is an NPC and will be looking impressive while the PCs do all the actual work. (Besides, this should be a short fight)

Gabriel is up. The crash site is close enough for all of you to reach with a move action.

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Field Battle Damage

Toughness Saving Throw... Effect

Succeeds No Effect

Fails Disrupted

Fails by 5 or more Shaken + Disrupted

Fails by 10 or more Staggered + Disrupted + Disabled

Fails by 15 or more Destroyed

• Powers that inflict damage are assumed to do their normal damage

against the force as a whole, even if the power does not normally

affect an area. The wielder is assumed to be making multiple attacks

with that power during the battle round. Damaging powers with

the Area extra inflict +2 damage to a force, with each Progression

feat increasing this bonus by +1, but the total additional damage

from Area and Progression cannot exceed the force modifier (since

the damage effectively encompasses the entire force at that point).

• Non-damaging powers that do not normally affect an area have a

negligible effect on a force in battle. The character can only use

such powers if they have the Area extra and sufficient Progression

to encompass the entire force. So a character with the Mind Control

power, for example, could not attempt to Mind Control an entire

force unless he possessed sufficient area for the power to affect the

entire force. The GM can allow these powers to operate normally

at the individual scale, they just don’t have much influence on the

outcome of unit-level conflicts.

• A particularly spectacular or destructive use of powers may impose

a modifier to a force’s morale checks at the GM’s discretion, either

a penalty for an enemy force of a bonus (rallying the troops) for an

allied force.

• Impervious Toughness is compared against the force’s total damage

(including force modifier) before determining whether or not the

character has to make a Toughness saving throw against the force’s

attack. This is one of the advantages of larger forces: they can

overcome—through superior numbers and firepower—Impervious

Toughness that would render a target immune to the attacks of

a smaller force. So, for example, a character with Impervious

Toughness 10 can ignore the damage of a platoon of green troops

(+9 damage total) but not that of a trained

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GK'll go ahead and area attack, 'cos why not. He'll also take to the air, though he's sticking closer to Bowman and Fleur for now.

Pulled from GK's sheet, to spare some looking up of things:

Blast 11 (1,100ft Max Range; Extras: Area [General, Shapeable], Feats: Indirect 2, Progression [Area] 2 [55 5ft cubes], Variable Descriptor [bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing]) [38PP]

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I'll say the Reflex DC for half is DC 23



Tou vs 21


Nice. OK, the drone force is staggered, disrupted, and disabled: most of them are smashed to pieces by that attack, and the tiny number that remain will be easy pickings for these powerful heroes.

The drones cannot act; though a few are attacking the ship still, they look far less threatening.

Fleur is up.

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Right, so with Fleur having gone and combat being done, Gabe's gonna move closer to the ship and turn on his Comm array. He'll talk to the people inside, and with his powers if they use speech at all he'll be understood.

EDIT: Oh, right. Skill Mastery for auto-30 on Diplomacy.

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