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In Another Life (OOC)

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1. Where is Corbin secreted in the warehouse?

2. Corbin hears voices from the main room; a DC 20 Notice check will tell him that it is Papercut and Citizen, doing who knows what. Maybe stuff!

1.) Hrm. I'd say he's as hidden as possible (take 20 Stealth, untrained, but +3 Dex bonus, so 23 for that). A corner or something, mostly behind some boxes (boy be huge). Without knowing more detail, that's what I've got.

2.)I would say he knows it's them.

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As a note, due to the radically different nature of both his upbringing and his ring, Inquisitor Hughes isn't using Corbin's stats.

We'll say instead he's using this build,as befitting his ring.

AA, if you think we need to beef him up a touch to PL 11 or 12, let me know. Not quite sure what you've got in mind for our thread here.

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This is a primitive machine designed to transport people between dimensions, without the safety systems Rift associates with these sort of devices built in the modern era. In particular, it has no protection against intruders in the dimensional matrix! He can also tell that it's broken: the vacumn tubes that are an integral part of its construction have burned out.

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