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Vanguard#1- The Inevitable, The Inexorable..(OOC).


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Succeeds by several miles. The Eye of Argon is a powerful Atlantean artifact that is hypothesized to be from before the sinking, based on rudimentary carbon dating several decades ago during one of the Opal's(a society journalist named Amanda McKittrick possessed by the jewel's malevolent power) stays in prison during the early 1950's. Listed powers include flight(rank 6), increased physical attributes that often push beyond human norms(Enhanced CON 10, DEX & STR 8), heightened combat skills(Enhanced Attack & Defense 8), tremendous defensive benefits(Immunity 9, Impervious Protection 3), forming solid objects out of its own power(Create Object 8) and becoming incredibly desirable to others(Attractive 2). Nothing about shooting blasts of energy though. Last known location was in a powerful vault in Atlantis.

There are no listed villains who resemble the current douchebag and nothing like his armor can be found,

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Sadly no. Combat begins in earnest.

Using the Armored Megalomaniac build from the Core Rules, dropped down to PL12 caps along with a Device containing the powers of the Eye of Argon.

Their Initiative: 20. Seeing as their bonus is +1, that is hilarious.

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Okay, order is:

20-The Amber Curse: Unharmed, GM

16-Stormbreaker: Unharmed, 1HP

13-Voltage: Unharmed, 3HP

Amber will now shoot at the very large spaceship.

Attack roll against Ages Lost: 14. Hits, DC27 TOU check if you would.

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Sadly no. Next round.

The Amber Curse: Unharmed-GM

Stormbreaker: Unharmed, 1HP

Voltage: Unharmed, 3HP

Amber will construct a floating 40-foot diameter disk 70ft. above himself, then fly up onto it. Free action to Gloat like mad.

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Okay, that hits, DC27 TOU check: 26. A Bruise.

Round 3.

Amber Curse: Bruise(x2)-GM

Stormbreaker: Unharmed, 1HP

Voltage: Unharmed: 3HP

Old Amber will shoot at Stormbreaker for slicing up his favorite suit of armor, Blast decreased to rank 9 due Overconfidence: 26. Hits, DC24 TOU save if you please.

Move Action to fly upwards 50ft., taking the slightly cracked disk along for the ride, Free Action to be Indignant.

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