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Shark Week: Ghost Sharks! (OOC)


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Tagging, because What Could Go Wrong?

Also I was reading Shaen's manifesto of threads, and just realized how handy his idea of 'backdoors'(pre-made excuses for heroes to take off in case the player can't post in the thread for a while/vanishes) would be for disappearances like Airon's. Do you think we should set up things like that for this

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El Heraldo notices a man standing near the warehouse closest to the water, the one Hayden pointed you at. At first glance he wearing a woolen cap and long coat, typical longshoremen gear, but a closer examination reveals the hat and coat to be a single piece, a long, dark robe that falls to his knees. You can also make out a long knife, almost a machete, stuck in his waistband and sawed-off shotgun snugged up under one arm.

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Okay, time for Initiative! Lady Mamba, Dahlia, and Cottonmouth & Co. vs the heroes. Everyone gets a HP because technically, Lady Mamba is stunting this little spell. Lady Mamba and Dahlia are ref-approved rebuilds; Cottonmouth is using AA's Serpent Hero build; and the 10 Cultists are minions from the core book.

Lady Mamba's Ini. (1d20+7=22)

Cottonmouth's Ini. (1d20+2=5)

Dhalia's Ini. (1d20+5=10)

Cultists' Ini. (1d20+1=12)

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For the record, we're resetting Conditions and HP for this thread.


23 Glow -- Uninjured -- HPx3

22/+8 Crow -- Uninjured -- HPx3

22/+7 Lady Mamba -- Uninjured -- GM

22/+2 El Heraldo -- Uninjured -- HPx5

12 Cultist 1 -- Uninjured -- Minion

12 Cultist 2 -- Uninjured -- Minion

12 Cultist 3 -- Uninjured -- Minion

12 Cultist 4 -- Uninjured -- Minion

12 Cultist 5 -- Uninjured -- Minion

12 Cultist 6 -- Uninjured -- Minion

12 Cultist 7 -- Uninjured -- Minion

12 Cultist 8 -- Uninjured -- Minion

12 Cultist 9 -- Uninjured -- Minion

12 Cultist 10 -- Uninjured -- Minion

10 Dhalia -- Uninjured -- GM

5 Cottonmouth -- Uninjured -- GM

Cottonmouth will be Interposing for Lady Mamba. Glow, you're up first.

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Glow would like to start by playing skittles with the cultists by using her area attack from her telekinesis array. I'm assuming they're standing in a group? Will she be able to hit Dahlia as well?

Anyway. It's a targeted area attack, so she makes an attack roll and that gets compared to the defense of everyone in the area:

1d20+6 = 17 - well that should be enough to hit cultists, and hopefully Dahlia too if she's flat footed? It's DC21 toughness.

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