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The Sins We All Share (OOC)


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OOC for the topic "the Sins We All Share".

I suppose the first thing to do is to make a Gather Information on the Penitent's reputation to see how much you know.

The Penitent's Reputation

Gather Information

DC10: The Penitent is a superhero from somewhere in Appalachia with apparent demonic powers.

DC15: The Penitent does not seem to actually have a home and usually spends his time on the street and earning money doing odd jobs.

DC25: The Penitent is not in fact a demon, but a sin-eater who has taken on the burden of carrying damned souls with him to help them achieve absolution.

DC30: The Penitent's real name is Bram Davis, and he was born just outside of Charleston, Virginia.

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We do indeed.

We have a list of several victims, but the most important were, in order of most recent to oldest:

Fransisco "Chico" Aguerra (vegetative state) [Crime lord]

Kazimierz "Cas" Wojcik (Paraplegic, recovering) [Treasurer for criminal group]

Frederick Lothian (alive, though in a body cast) [Police officer]

Moshe Edelstein (alive) [police officer]

Colm McFeery (dead) [Crime lord]

Robert Mayer (dead) [Made man]

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Knowledge(Streetwise) roll to know something helpful about the McFeerys. 33. How fortunate!

The McFeery's were a very big criminal organisation, and aren't just limited to freedom. Mostly, they're found in Massachusett's, but they've branched out. Colm was well known for being a hard, though he had some positive traits, such as his love of charity, but it didn't excuse his worse ones -- Colm ran many protecting rackets, and while opposing the building of a drug trade in Freedom, had deep hands in prostitution which was known to have very brutal rules and it wasn't too rare an occurrence that prostitutes in Colm's end of the city ended up face down in the street. He also was vicious towards any competition, and would destroy any business that didn't clear things with him first, and sometimes the person running it.

His most recent wife was the lounge singer Veronica McFeery, originally something of a small time actress, but having gotten bigger parts on Broadway once she got with Colm. She was just about to make her big break before Colm died, and now interest in her has died down considerably.

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Okay, while we wait on Tiff to make her roll, for Rav

You see something watching you from the window. It's definitely trying to be stealthy, but it's not good at it, and its red eyes lock with yours. They are unlike the Penitent's - hard and angry, and much smaller than his, though less deeply set.

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