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The Sins We All Share


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Alright, guys, since my first GMing is actually going pretty gosh-darned well, I figure I'd have a more general one with the Penitent actually in it.

So, here's the gist:

Someone has just arrived in Freedom City, and they're causing all sorts of misery within its borders for the criminal underworld, and it's pretty severe. A few well-known criminals have been found face down in the water, and many others have been put in Intensive Care due to their injuries. Worst yet, this person has been caught on camera, and he looks an awful lot like the newcomer, the Penitent. Things have come to a head when this violent individual has critically injured a few police officers who have tried to apprehend him. So now people are calling out (mistakenly, though your heroes might not know that) for the Penitent's blood, and this other guy is out causing more havoc.

This would be open to any hero at all, really, and is an investigative RP as much as a combat one. Anyone interested?

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